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Strange thing around prostate

I'm new here so this is my first post. So basically recently I've noticed a pea sized "thing" growing on the outside of my anus. Up until a few days ago it went unnoticed until it started hurting. As far as i can see there is no blood involved. I've tried cooling it to relieve the pain but the relief is only temporary. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the group.

Maybe it's a pile, do you recall straining too much when one does your ablution, it can cause piles, it can be painful so look it up and see what is said about it, google is your friend, I'm sure you'll be ok. I'm not a doctor so might be better to see your Doctor to be on the safe side.



Its almost certainly a pile (haemorrhoid). It can get quite sore but will shrink back . Using a cream will speed up the shrinking process. It can often reoccur. Uncomfortable but not serious but best to see the doc - if only to get the cream.


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