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urethra problems

hi im 12 i found this forum because i was worried about my the back of my penis I don't really want to ask a doctor or ask famly cuz its embarrassing but i couldn't find anything on the internet so basically the on the back of my penis the urethra was like a strait line like normal but i noticed it had gote a weird shape like all torn as if it had burst or something and the skin nearer the tip of my penis is like a little swelled should i see a doctor ?

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Hi Max,

The best thing for you to do is speak to your parents and ask to see a doctor about this, if you are in any pain or you think it has swollen up. There is no need to be embarrassed about anything to do with your health, doctors and parents are there to support and help not judge you, they have seen it all before that is what they are there for. I understand how you feel about being embarrassed about going to the doctors, I used to be the same until I really had to go to the doctors about something to do with "down there" and I realised that they are just there to help.

I hope this helps!


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Cannot really understand your description but I would suggest going to see a Doctor for reassurance. You can ask to see Doc without your parents and a chaperone should accompany you. Do not be embarrassed, male or female they have seen it before. It is best to know than not.

Good Luck


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