Urine Flow

This may sound a bit strange, but here we go.

Until I had my Circumcision I never noticed this, but now when I pee it looks like two streams twist together as one. Fine, but as the flow decreases the two streams separate and one points forward as I would expect the other starts to dribble downwards. When standing this can be a bit messy trying to aim two ways !

Any ideas anyone, Thanks.

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  • Probably nothing serious, but has always been there and only now manifest as you have no foreskin.

    This link has a number of stories of similar, but all investigations normal


  • Hi, I just followed the link provided by Goldfish and the post by m8889 was very interesting. Think I will just cope.


  • How old are you? did it happen only after circumcision? I must confess it happens to me as well to produce sometimes two streams. I've been thoroughly examined by US scan, NMR, cystoscopy for other reasons (mainly chronic prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy, I'm now 53) and urologists have never told me that I have something physical or functional that can lead to the generation of the two streams. I concluded that it can be somothing without importance. Anyway, refer to your urologist for further information. This is just my experience.


  • Hi

    I am almost 53 and only noticed since the circumcision but my guess is that the foreskin directed the two streams into one. From your experience it seems not to be uncommon and probably little that can be done. I will just have to improve my aim !


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