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Facial skin rash

Hello all my first post and i'm grateful for reply please don't judge me, i am what I am as a "survivor" if you understand what i mean.

I have a rash on my skin for several years, there are two patches about 1p coin size on my top lip, If I do not shave these patches go angry red and with minor itching. The source i think is semen on my face and it remained overnight without washing it off. I think I just fell asleep until next day. Since then i've tried all manner of cream or fluids, canestan, hydrocortizone, sudocrem, dermol, hygeine alcohol based gel .. the only thing that reduces them is talcum powder. After a week of talc the patches skin go flaky but do not altogether disappear I prefer a treatment manufactured for this, is it an infection as doctors fob me off with dermol. please help


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The likely diagnosis is seborrhoeic dermatitis, which daktacort may help.

What does your gp think it is?

You could always seek a consultant appointment but would probably have to go privately


No judgement here Eaglestar. We discuss all health topics of concern to men. Good luck with it.


Have you tried E45 cream ?


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