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Swelling on left testicle following intense ejaculation

I was very "excited" today but unable to do anything about it, so when I got home I immediately masturbated. Following ejaculation I noticed my left testicle ached a bit, and about an hour later I noticed the cord or epididymis has become swollen. An hour later and it has not changed.

There is a small amount of pain but it isnt affecting normal activities. Im very worried though. What should I do? Should I be concerned or is this normal after large ejaculations? Thanks!

p.s. Im 20 years old

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Sounds like it's nothing to worry about. Your epididymis was probably under pressure and the ejaculation has relieved this suddenly resulting in tenderness. I think it will settle down in a day or two. Maybe don't leave it so long between masturbations in future?


I'm Nick. Usually swelling in the scrotum that doesn't involve the testis is inflammatory. Probably due to the stress. Any swelling of the testis must instead be examined because it could be neoplasia. In your case I would go to a specialist who can easily do a diagnosis by ultrasound scan. Do not neglect this fact. If an epididimitis develops it can become chronic and it could give you long periods of pain or even problem of infertility. Bye

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If the swelling has only been there a few hours, don't start panicking about cancer or long term problems.

As previously mentioned, give it a few days and it will hopefully settle itself.

If it gets worse or is not setting then go and see your GP.


Of course you can wait some days. But it can be an opportunity to go to an andrologist. My epididimitis started that way (pain in one testis and in the groin after sexual intercourse) and then became chronic and involved also my prostate. So I think an andrologic check up should be considered. Nick


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