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Penis sheath

I am a 51 yo male from UK. I was circumcised approx a decade ago for medical reasons. I find that the head of my penis chaffs a lot, making it rather sore, dry and insensitive.

I wondered if some kind of penis sheath would be useful that I could wear at night, for example. It would need to stay on in my flaccid state, and cope with nocturnal erections. I have checked on the net, but cannot find any recommendations.

I have found that coating the head of my penis in vaseline at night, and wrapping cotton wool around it has been very beneficial. Unfortunately, the wool only stays on if I wear briefs to bed. In any event, by morning, the wool has come off.

That has led me to believe that some kind of sheath would be beneficial to wear. Unfortunately, I cannot really find anything advertised online, so I am wondering if you could offer any suggestions.

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Use vaseline or steroid cream occasionally and sleep nude . Glans may look reddish which you want . Usually by ageing it becomes blackish , but nothing to worry on that


It's worth considering a Senslip artificial foreskin.

Reading reviews they appear to be pretty worth trying.


Like you, I was circumcised as an adult. This was 15 years ago after a frightening episode of paraphimosis. Details are not necessary for my reply. Suffice to say it was medically required (like yours).

Every penis when circumcised suffers degradation. The permanently exposed glans which was designed as an internal organ within its protective foreskin, will inevitably grow a layer of toughened, insensitive tissue as nature kicks in, as a futile attempt to replace its lost foreskin. All of which have have discovered for yourself.

You're on the right track asking about some kind of sheath. The nearest to this could be a product called the Senslip. I tried this some years ago - and it DOES work remarkably well, also allowing natural urination, though of course can never replicate the thousands of lost inner foreskin fine-touch nerve endings.* However, the downside of the Senslip is that it has a 'shelf life' and will need replacing depending upon the use you make of it! This became too expensive for me. But take a look. Here's the link -


* But now see this _


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