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semen gram's stain and culture report

Hi I had semen test for left ball pain under pennies. Got below as the result.

Gram's stain: occasional pus cells and gram's positive cocci in pairs were seen?

Culture report: Enterococcus species were grown in culture.

the doctor prescribed to tablet Linezolid 600mg. I observed the pain relief after taking lots of water and going frequent urine. I don't have pain now.

I am yet to start taking the tablet. Still should i take the tablet as i don't have pain? Is there any way to cure the bacteria infection without taking antibiotics?

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Thanks for the response. 1) Taking half spoon of turmic powder with a glass of mil in the morning. 2) Taking around three litters of drinking water. 3) Taking two classes of juice of one amala + caroot. 4) Taking five leaves of basil in the evening. Any idea will this be effective for get rid of enterococcus species infection?


Thanks for the information. Check with a doctor regarding your medication.


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