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Yeast infection, but not exactly?

Hello everybody, I am new here :)

I am 28 yo, struggling with an incredible annoying problem since almost 2 months. My glans is itching, tingling and I have urge to pee (with no much pee to be done). I don't have any external sign (blister, soreness, thrush, nothing).

At first I thought I had Chlamydia. The Chlamydia test turned out to be negative. I have also been tested for HIV, gonorrhoea and syphilis, all negative

My GP suggested UTI. I have had 1 week of Doxycycline which made my symptoms disappear completely. Unfortunately they came back after a bit less than 5 days. I started the Doxy treatment again, for 2 weeks now. Think improved after around 10 days. 3/4 days after the end of antibiotics, it came back.

I took 1g single dose of Azithromycin. I felt fine for another couple of days. Came back.

Went again to the GUM clinic, couldn't find anything, they told me it's still UTI recovering, but it seems like they were in the dark. I suspected Trichomoniasis and convinced my doctor to give me Metronidazole , which didn't work at all.

At this poits I started suspecting a yeast infection Candida. I have a very white tongue. I bought Canesten cream, which gives me some relief, as soon as I use it. I also took a 150mg pill of Fluconazone. Didn't have much effect. Went again to the GUM clinic, but as I don't have any external symptoms (no thrush, my glans looks fine) they didn't test me for candida. Since few days I changed my diet, which hasn't been easy.

I am a bit worried. I am using the canesten cream for about a week now, and it seems that it's losing its power. If I have Candida, why the canesten cream didn't solve it completely? Why the fluconazone didn't work? Should I take more than 1 pill of Fluconazone?

And again, if I have Candida, shouldn't I have some thrush symptoms? I only have this tingling, and the sensation to pee, all day long.

Does anyone have any idea? I am really desperate to solve this, it's impairing my ability to function as a normal person.

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Check out Chronic Pelvic Pain

This seems to be fairly common and not easily treated, sorry.


I hope you find some help. Keep trying.


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