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Concerns and Worries About My Penis

For some time now I've noticed my penis has a slight curve to it. It has recently become a greater concern now that I have started to date a girl. The curve ends with the head of my penis pointing 45 degrees to the left. I can straighten it so that its only about 10 degrees curved. I am yet to lose my virginity but I am worried that sex might hurt both me and her. This isn't my only problem. My foreskin completely covers the head when I'm erect, I can pull it back but my frenulum  is quite tight so it just goes back to how it was. I also don't think I am as sensitive as I should be. I am quite a timid person so seeking help from a GP is something I'd preferably like to avoid unless I really need to. Any help or advice for any of this would be greatly appreciated.

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you can consult on


Good luck.


A slight curve could possibly be Peyrone's Disease. If it is it is easily fixed - I know because I had it and had it corrected! In any event, your GP is the person to talk to. Very important that you see your GP so that you can build a relationship with him/her so that you are not reticent to discuss sensitive issues such as penis problems. If it is Peyrone's Disease, you will probably be referred to a urological surgeon to do the correction.


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