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Tight foreskin / suggestions

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Hi all,

I’m 18 years old and always had quite a tight foreskin. I’ve never had sex or been able to retract it easily (it takes about 30 - 40 mins) and when I do I struggle getting it back to its normal state. I’m able to get it back to a certain point but it looks like one side is unable to go down and there are some yellow spots underneath it - I’m not sure whether this may be causing the tightness.

Any ideas on what it might be?

I’ll try and upload a photo below.

Photo: [ibb.co/RpM9DQg]

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Mate,your best bet is to see a GP and get them to have a look at it,I know it’s embarrassing,I’m 56 and only plucked up courage to do something about my phimosis last September.They’ll go through the options available to you,they’ll probably suggest stretching and steroid cream to start with.If that doesn’t work then circumcision might be the way to go,and just to reassure you it’s nowhere near as bad as you imagine it will,my op took 20 mins under local anesthetic and was pain free,the recovery period is around 6 weeks until the wound is healed enough for a (careful) wank or sex.It takes a year to 18 months for everything to be fully healed but I’m 4 and a half months in and I’m pretty much fine.Bite the bullet and go and see your doctor,good luck😊👍

I seen a GP last year who gave me a steroid cream but I was reluctant to try it, I was then referred to a urologist who put me on the waiting list for a partial circumcision under general anaesthetic and said I had quite severe phimosis, he said this would be the best option as there will still be skin for the blood to expand when having erections etc. I wasn’t sure whether I should try the steroid cream now along with stretching and see if it helps or just wait for the op. Was yours done on the NHS and did it have an impact on the sensation?

I’m in Oz so I can’t say what the NHS experience is like but most people who’ve used it on here seem pretty satisfied with the experience,some complaints about wait times though.I’d try stretching and cream while you wait for the op,what’ve you got to lose?As to the sensation it’s less on the glans but better overall,I’ve no regrets about getting it done,I just wish I’d done it years ago at your age,would’ve saved me a lot of grief over the years😊

Agree. Don’t be embarrassed, just contact your GP. Because of Covid, they may not see you face to face - so that’s a bonus if showing your penis to a stranger bothers you. It won’t be the first tight foreskin they have seen. And it won’t be the last either.

Info from the British Urology Association here baus.org.uk/patients/condit...

Hey man! First of all, I advise you to see a urologist. I am 24 years old and I also had a lot of skin on my penis but I always had sex normally and masturbated. BUT there was a time when sex started to be much more frequent (almost every day) and some sores started to appear that began to close the foreskin. I couldn't retract the skin at all. It was impossible to have sex or masturbate. It blended and gutter like hell. The doctor diagnosed it as phimosis and immediately advised circumcision because there was nothing more that could be done. I am now 4 weeks into my recovery and honestly, I can't wait to have sex without having to worry about the skin not retracting.

It’s no shame tho

I already have seen a urologist but they are advising a partial circumcision and say my diagnosis is severe phimosis. Not sure if something else can be done instead of circumcision but that’s all they mentioned.

Did you get a full or partial circumcision and did you have it done on the NHS?


No problem man. My doctor advised me to have a full circumcision, in order to avoid that in the future, the same thing that happened to me now would happen again. And I’m from Portugal, so it’s a no for NHS (which I think is the National Health Service from UK)

Thanks man,

Not sure why my urologist advised the partial one, will have to speak to him.

Have you lost any length or sensation due to the circumcision?

You can always get advice from another doctor. As for the sensitivity, if you were referring to sensitivity during sex, I can't tell you now because, as I am in week 4, it is still not advisable to have sex or masturbate. As for the length, I don't think I see any changes, honestly

What you have described is clearly phimosis, possibly woith an underlying frenulum breve. The NHS waiting list is likely to be several months, especially as they are inundated with Covid and 'non-essential' work (which is how circumcision is usually classified) is liable to be put to the bottom of any waiting list.

It is usual to be prescribed steroid creams and stretching exercises, which for most adults only delays the inevitable circumcision. I don't know why they would want to do a partial circumcision as mot men who've been given one regret not having the whole job done and often get a revision (which they then have to pay for privately).

You CAN wait for the NHS to eventually deal with you, but may find it much quicker and more convenient to see one of the experts at a speciallist circumcision clinic. There are clinics in various cities around England but the very best ones are in Lndon.

Just take the op asap. I did it when I was 39 and should do it when I was 18. I took a full circumcised. But some one just take a little op at the top. I did that first but it was not a good result for me. God luck, no worries just do it :)

Yes you need to see a doctor. If you have t&t much problems with it retracting then see a doctor. The yellow spots aren't a good thing either. I had the same problem.with the foreskin being tight and then finally seen a doctor. She recommended circumcumcision. I actually seen a dermatologist and a urologist and both suggested same thing. I did good with my circumcision.

I just recently had it done. I had a great deal of foreskin too. They cut the frenulum, but I still have some foreskin. [ not too much ] Just enough to cover part of gland [ head ] I feel like I am a new person. I have NO pain, no tightness anywhere and esthetically I feel better. My penis is always dry now.

I don't know if it's appropriate to suggest anything or just answer your question. Visit a Dr. and fix it now before you are very sexually active.

As i got my circumcision as young lad i can honestly say looking at yer cock its deffo for brst try stretching with steroid cream but id say circumcision remember as young lads and older we love that getting sucked would u likecto taste stale piss thats not able to be cleaned proper at least and from been circumcised beneficial as a girls have took no problems and praised the hygiene lol but seriously as young as u wen i got cut gained a thicker cock wht is ideal and love it it is different for a few months and i did also wank after 7days very carefully but im a nympho love my cock and everything sexual why i made choice to be back to norm also was all done nhs no probs peed outside to get used to aim etc so no bathroom floor mess and always sleep comando and also in shorts and joggers good luck any questions just ask lad nephew got his also at 17 never looked back at 23 now 👌

Try the exercises described at phimosisjourney.com

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