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Tight foreskin over the tip

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at the start i couldnt pull my foreskin back but i have tried to and it is now fully over the top while erect but once im over the top of my penis it gets tight when i get it over the head of the penis . Should i keep trying to stretch my for skin or what should i do that can help . Thanku

17 Replies

Obviously you’ve made encouraging progress so far and maybe continuing with more time and patience it’ll improve even more.

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Is it better if i try it in the bath ?

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As said already keep on doing it, Have you got no thoughts of getting cut are you ?

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Helllp in reply to Zappa61

Currently no as i dont see the need in to if im seeing progress being made while stretching it if i couldnt pull it over the head I probably would have considered it

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Zappa61 in reply to Helllp

Hi please think twice over getting cut, i read daily guys who get cut the nightmare's there going through, just lately guy's are getting cut for Cosmetic reason's and after they regret it, you don't say your age, but carry on what your doing it will loosen as someone said the bath is a good place, there are over the counter Cream's that help, take care hope it eases soon, :)

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Helllp in reply to Zappa61

im 18 and yea thank you for the help 👍 and letting me know

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Some guys have the op for medical reasons and some for cosmetic reasons. Some have ongoing post op problems but many heal well. Some are satisfied with their circumcision and some are not. This forum is to support adult guys in their decision making and, if appropriate, through their stretching and/or circumcision journeys. We are not here to tell people what to do. Please remember that.

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wlm9700 in reply to Zappa61

I had mine done at birth and I love it I wouldn’t trade it for the world I don’t have any issues with it like all these other people do.

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Yeah if you get what we get you get rashes and bumps around the head of the penis and itching it’s kind of the same thing but it’s happening to the foreskin not the head of the penis. And getting cut is a big thing because you been raised this way and you don’t know how the feeling is going to be. My dad got cut because a dog bitten his man hood and they had to remove circumcise him and he said it was not fun and every day rubbing in your underwear it burns and itches it feels different. But everyone has there own story.

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I dunno if your talking about my situation iv got nothing wrong with me it just that i can pull my foreskin back behind the head of my penis but once it over the head the foreskin gets tighter so im guessing i need to keep stretching it

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Yes quite right (ignore the above surgery conversation while you make progress). It probably does help if you do it at bath time, good luck.

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Thanks 👍

So are you a diabetic???? Is this why your skin is doing this or what medical conditions do you know of that’s causing this??? Mine is because my urine has so much sugar it creates bacteria so I been drinking water and cut out a lot a lot of sugar it helped but I love sodas and sweets and I messed up and it came back again I was doing good I felt normal but now I’m back where I started

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Hi Man, yes definitely keep trying it will improve the more you try. and it does helps in a warm bath or shower use a little moisturiser and your fingers to stretch your foreskin. If you wanted to speed things up you could use a little steroid cream for a couple of weeks it would improve it for you.

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Hey man, keep stretching it and eventually it will get better. If you can pull it back to clean it then you are good 👍🏼

do you know if your a diabetic?? If so might of had the same thing I had if you have sugar in your pee it will cause bacteria and it swells the tip of the 4skin I got cream from doctor to help and he called it scaring of the 4skin which was crazy but he gave me 2 creams and some pills to help now I got to keep my diabetes down to help

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Keep at it. no circumcision

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