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My Circumcision expereince

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So im 6 weeks now after my op id like to share with you my expereince for anyone else going through the same. I had a circumcision due to reoccuring balantis. Im 31 years old.

Waking up from surgery was scary. I was to scared to even look down there. So after 30mins of being awake i decided to look. Didnt see alot as it was coverd in a bandage. I was later discharged and sent home. Then thats where id experince the aftermath of the surgery.

Couldnt wash for 48hours. It was very uncomfartable to say the least. The night time erections were so painfull and tried my hardset not to get them but they still came.

After 48hours i removed my bandage. It wasent very good looking at it my emotions were all over the place. Thats when the problems started. I couldnt wear anything due to the head being really sensitive. It was painfull to say the least. The night time erections were still coming and still as painfull as ever. After a week or so i started wearing underwear it was still really sensitive but it was something i had to do to get my penis to normalise its new enviroment. At week 2 i started losing yellowy discharge which i thought was a infection and got checked out. Prescribed antibiotics as a caution but never needed them.

At about week 3 i started wearing clothes it was still quite senstive but i was gradually getting uest to it. It didnt seem so bad, the erection pain started to wear off. I could walk normalish started going for little walks now and again. Stitches had started to fall out.

In now at week 6 just had my 6 week check up and all is fine and healed doc is happy with it, its healed fine. The sensitivey has gone, im back wearing normal clothing / boxers back at work back at the gym. Theres still slight swelling but they can take up to 3 months but im happy with it all over. Can start having a sex life again, which im looking forward to trying out my new penis LOL. It is a long recovery but not as bad as i thought it would be. I stocked up on painkillers etc but only used 2 over the 6 weeks. The part i found worse was when taking the bandage off and not knowing how senstive your penis would be. Which id describe as a 10/10 for the weirdest and uncomfartable. But if your going through it now it gets better! Times a healer! Any questions feel free and good luck with your recovery! You will get through it.

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Hello. Glad that everything is going well for you. I am now 4 weeks post op having some stings here and there because of the sensitivity but all is going well. Moat of the stitches have fallen as well. My question for you is do your erections feel smaller than before? Or am i just being paranoid about it?

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Crazylad in reply to LionKing99

Hi glad things are going well, yeah you still got the odd twinge now and again, i would say yes it does feel smaller but ive seen a few posts and here regarding that, it takes 3 months fully to heal, so im hoping at 3 months it will go back to normal, but people have said it goes normal after a certain amount of time. So your not on your own with that one.

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LionKing99 in reply to Crazylad

For example I woke up today with an erection but it didn't feel as big as before lol

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Crazylad in reply to LionKing99

Mines the same mate, lets just hope it goes back to normal eventually!

Thank you for this. I am at week 5 tomorrow and everything you said I can agree with. It took me about 2 days for I got the courage to really look at it!The night time erections are really painful until the stitches fall out, and the sensitivity does take some time getting used to.

Can I ask how long your wound had a discharge for?

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Crazylad in reply to NIMan38

I had discharge for about 2 weeks, and it gradually went away, its worrying but im guessing its all part of the healing process

Hey man! Glad to hear that everything’s going well. I’m at week 4 and mostly my left size is still a little swallowed. I keep facing my penis upwards, as my doc said in the first check up but I don’t know if this is normal. This may sound weird but how do you put your penis? Also, I’ve been putting a simple bandage on top of the penis (without wrapping or anything) so it is not that uncomfortable when wearing boxers and walking.

And last but not least, this week I started doing some exercise and saw that in the end, my penis looked more swallowed. And stoped exercising again. Not sure if this is normal or not

If you could share your experience with these topics I would appreciate it. Thank you

Everyones diffirent at healing etc, i just left mine as it was not upward just flacid as it was, i wouldnt know about the swelling after exercise mate ive only just gone back to the gym and doing more active stuff, if your concerned about anything visit your doctor mate! Sorry couldnt help as much good luck wuth your recovery

Great to hear your experience It was good it wasn’t too painful and inky minimal painkillers were needed in recovery

I am thinking about getting circumcised myself as my foreskin is tight! I am worried about the psychological aspects as fewer are circumcised in Australia now once it was the large majority

Some are very proud of being different

But I want to be in the majority

Bit I don’t want to miss out on the benefits a full circumcision will offer me!

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Crazylad in reply to Herston1

Theres steroid cream treatment for that mate! I wouldnt reccomend going straight for a circumcision straight away i had no choice really as nothing was helping my problems, i had reocurring balantis and nothing would help, but there are benifets from having it done im still getting uest to mine, if im honest, it takes some getting to. But good luck with whatever you choose pal

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versa2508 in reply to Crazylad

what are the benefits you are finding mate ?

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versa2508 in reply to Herston1

what age are you mate and just how tight is it ? has this hindered your sex life ?

Hello mate ..glad to know you are recovery well . I had question about passing urine. Do you feel that urge to passing urine has increased after circumcision?

I remember my initial healing was 3 to 6 weeks but I think it takes months to adjust to being circumcised. 16 years down the line I absolutely love it and so glad I went for it! Just be patient. Time is the best healer.

Did you ever develop any hard lumps underneath the shaft skin?

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