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Circumcision 5 weeks post op - not looking great

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Im a new member and this is a bit embarrassing for me to post, getting circumcised was one of the worst things that I have had to have done :( i loved my foreskin and was proud to be uncut.

I am now 5 weeks post op and I still have most of my stitches, some have been dissolving but the main threads are still going strong. I will try to attach some pics (one soft and one hard) im very unhappy with how its looking right now, Im wondering if its still not fully healed or visually at the final product. hoping someone on here can give some guidance. It almost looks half cut & half uncut when its soft. is this something im going to have to deal with? my self esteem and body positivity have been thrown out the window because of this

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Stitches should’ve been dissolved by then. I’m on 11th day and most of my stitches have already dissolved. And healing can take up to months , it’s different for everyone.

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Just to remind you, pictures or links to pictures are not allowed on this forum.

You are still likely to have some swelling so what you are currently seeing may not be the finished article.

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Yes, the no pictures rule seems counter intuitive in my opinion, unless you’re extremely Descriptive we’ll just assume we know what everyone is talking about. There is a hyperlink on this page that pops up with helpful hints and one hint says you can add an image to a post by selecting the image icon, hence why I mentioned it. (That hyperlink is called “new! Learn More” nestled right under this comment bar.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve been hearing so many time frames for the healing process. Some fully healed within 3 weeks and others up to 8 weeks. It’s definitely something to get used to and hopefully it’ll start looking great soon 😄

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Most people manage well and pictures are problematic for many reasons - legal and otherwise. Your comments on the pop-up have been passed to HU for rectification.

Here me also having half cut i can understand bro because i feeling same as like you .. getting circumcision is one of worst thing to me also before feeling very active and healthy sleep i can take which I can’t from last 6 week post op.. stitches dissolve depends on 25-90days cycle as my doctor told me but my dissolve in 25 days but all people different body structure.. how is your swollen?? And pain during erection? I also feel very bad because full day glans stay cover almost and then night go to sleep immediately first glans come out which is very embarrassing.. ..

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