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5.5 weeks post op masturbation

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Hi guys. I masturbated last night. It has been 5.5 weeks post my circumcision. I know the recommended time is to wait 6 weeks, but I just couldn’t control any longer lol. Used a lot of vaseline as lube and was one of the best loads in a long time (considering hadn’t masturbated in almost 6 weeks :p).

My question is, how often is too often masturbation? I know the internal healing is still going on, but how often should one masturbate? I am pretty sure I am really horny these days wanting to use my new penis lol. Will excess masturbation prolong internal healing?

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swelling all gone?

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cuth_25 in reply to Gojo121


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Gojo121 in reply to cuth_25

As long as the swelling is gone and stitches fall off then you can masturbate once a while but try to avoid doing it as much as possible. Since I still swell badly after 2 months ur lucky

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cuth_25 in reply to Gojo121

Oh okay. Thanks.

Has your swelling gone?

Yup totally gone, and I masturbate 3 times a week on an average

Sucks not for me but I still masturbated a few times

Bro chill. I masturbated after 10 days of circumcision after swelling was gone. I am at my 15 day now and 90% of the stitches have dissolved. Doctor told me not to engage in any sexual activity for 4 weeks because the risk of infection is higher. Masturbation can be done whenever you feel like the swelling is over and masturbating doesn’t hurt you

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cuth_25 in reply to Black909

Ok thanks man!

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OsidgeModerator in reply to cuth_25

Take care. Because one guy was not able to control himself for the recommended period does not mean that it is safe or sensible for everyone.

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