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4 weeks post circumcision

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Today is my 4th week being circumcised and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. Some changes I notice at this point are swelling going down, head flaring out slowly and more intense orgasms from being uncut.

How do you think it’s looking?

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I think that’s looking really really good. Beautiful circumcision - lovely and tight. Your glans penis is a really nice shape and it’s nice that it’s exposed now. Congratulations!

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Thankyou Peter. I’m very happy with how it’s healing do you think it’s too small for soft?

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Not at all. Looks a very decent size. Though to be honest I hadn’t thought about the size until you mentioned it. I was just thinking how great it looked being circumcised so well.

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Well thanks then. Yeah I’m thankful my doctor did a neat job🙌🏽

It's very nice. I'm envious of you, and would like a circumcision like that.

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I’m sure you can get one like mine. Have you been to a consultation

It looks great, and after only 4 weeks! It's one the best circumcisions I've ever seen. It's bound to drive the intactivists crazy when they see it. They can't stand to see any positive outcomes.

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Haha I’m very flattered. Yes I’m very glad my doctor did such a neat job

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Were suture's used, or was it done with a glue? Mine is a V-Cut, and I wonder if suture's have to used when it's done that way. My Urologist has said, eventually everything blends in, and the suture scars will become invisible.

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I was cut by using a mogen and glue. Glad I didn’t have stitches. Would have been uncomfortable and left marks. Did you ask for a V cut? Or did he just do it? I’m interested to see how it looks, post a photo if you’d like

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I asked for a high and loose V-Cut with the frenulum left. It was done free style ,or they also call free hand. Not many suture's were used, and there was no bleeding or pain at all. I had a fun time there too, talking with the nurses and staff.

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Nice. Post a pic of it

Looking great 👍

Good size and very neat cut

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Thanks james

Dude. Class job. Mines still looking like a war zone.

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Thankyou. Hopefully yours will heal up. I’ve still got a lump from where my frenulum was

Very good result!

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Hey mate, I think it looks great

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Glad people are liking it’s appearance

does you lose any penis length

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nice to hear and yours tight or loose cut

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I’d say it’s somewhere in between the middle. The perfect amount of skin was removed. Are you looking at getting circumcised?

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yes but i am scaring of losing length

As in Losing Length of your penis? That’s not a real thing. The structural tissue underneath your shaft skin doesn’t change shape. At most, an overly-tight circumcision can maybe cause some bending. And most surgeons won’t circumcise you that tightly your first time around unless you find a cosmetic surgeon and insist on that result

Good size nice job I only 7 days but it's looking ok

hi, i got circumsized last week, i just removed the bandage today(it was extremley painful, and took a long time)under neath the bandage there is kinda of like a net wrapping around where the stitches are. should i remove the net aswell so i have no dressing on my penis or should i just leave it.

each time i touch the net it stings

did you have stitches or glue? Looks really nice . Mine is healing up pretty well , hoping I have good results 5 weeks from now!

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I had glue

Very nice! They did a great job

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Congratulations!What a nice cut! Smooth as silk!From where & by whom & what method/techniques the circumciser used?It's a very good job.Now take care & enjoy it.

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