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Accidental longer run


The group did an ‘accidental’ extended longer run today, over 20k. I stayed on board till around 16 before peeling off home after a massive hill. Adding my run to the subway, it made for around 17k today, which I was happy with, considering my plan was only calling for 7k today :). Still felt bad for leaving early this morn. Wound up running through some trails too which was nice. Someone else took a nice pic of that bit here.

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Sandraj39Half Marathon

I don't think you need to feel too bad for runnning, er, 10k more than you planned!!😮😉. That trail looks lovely too - big well done!🙂

DeckerModerator in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandra. The weather was cooler yesterday which helped. The trail bit was quite nice though a little short compared with all the concrete and construction zones :)


Great stuff! Lovely pic, too 😄

DeckerModerator in reply to roseabi

Thanks Abi. I am really looking forward to your race report!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Decker

It's brewing, like a good IPA... 😄


Wow! 17k not 7. Awesome! No regrets and no feeling bad. tut tut! :D

DeckerModerator in reply to linda9389

No regrets, just lessons learned :)

aliboo70Half Marathon

Looks pretty!well done Decker! 😊

DeckerModerator in reply to aliboo70

Thanks Ali! Yeah, I’d love a full run through trails like that. Most of it was concrete and construction


You sound like a guy who says, “yeah, it was meant to be just a short practice run, no idea how l managed the whole marathon”. ;)

DeckerModerator in reply to mrrun

Lol, well I showed up thinking it was to be another 14k run like past weeks, but the run leader had the idea of pushing us further. The marathon training folks loved it! I was trying to keep a pace under 6:00/km for most of it, running with a mate. If I slowed l may have pulled off the full distance. Live and learn.

pinkaardvarkHalf Marathon

Chap at front looks like he has a moon boot on one foot?

DeckerModerator in reply to pinkaardvark

I believe that fellow has a birth defect and needs to wear both an arm and leg sleeve. He’s quite seasoned and faster than many others in the group

pinkaardvarkHalf Marathon in reply to Decker

Crikey, that's humbling. Least he's not hardcore running on a broken leg though.

DeckerModerator in reply to pinkaardvark

Haha, yes even he has his limits :)

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