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Ugly sweater Christmas run

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Today the Ninja run group ran down to a locally famous “Santa “Street where all the neighbours have identical giant inflatable Santas. There must be at least 20 of them. The next street had giant moose (or maybe well fed reindeer?) everywhere)”. From there we kept going down to City Hall where they have a Christmas market in the evenings and a large Lego mural that was recently completed. It was around 16k to get down there, mostly downhill. I added some bits on to get a bit closer to 20k today, which is what the plan was asking for. It was great fun and the temps were close to zero, just right for this kind of run.

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aliboo70Half Marathon

That looks great fun!!😊big distance too well done Decker! ! X

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DeckerModerator in reply to aliboo70

Thanks Ali. Yes, it was a good time and mostly downhill which made the distance a bit easier to manage! ☺️

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SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

Another fun ninja run! You guys rock! I love the guy "running" on Santa's shoulders... for 16k?!? Too fun 😂

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DeckerModerator in reply to SaskAlliecat

They really do rock. That guy in the Santa shoulders suit is hilarious. He ran the whole way like that with cars honkin him all the way down!

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Great run..great fun..great distance too! Wow!!! xxx

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DeckerModerator in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Floss, yeah it was fun and not too bad being mostly downhill from where we began.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Decker

I love downhill..x

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DeckerModerator in reply to Oldfloss

So do I 😁

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