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10k barrier broken!!


Finally crossed the imaginary barrier of the 10k!! It was only by 0.5 k but it was beaten. It’s been a while since I’ve done 10k but my Asics half marathon training wanted it done on Sunday. I’m going out for a very rare girlie night out on Saturday so will be in no fit state on Sunday 😂 I waited for it to cool right down and out I went, I did it using heart rate zone 3 and decided to try a gel as I went. The whole run was really slow so much so that i feel it will take forever and a day to complete the half but according to my plan, the speed will come later in the programme but I completed the whole run with slow breathing in and out of my nose, no panting or getting out of breathe and no mouth breathing. I tried the gel but by the time I remembered I had it, it was warm, thick and sickly so threw half in the bin. I have got another, a different flavour which I have now put in the freezer so hopefully it will still be cold when needed on my next long run. Overall, I’m glad I managed the run comfortably but gutted with my time ,surprising really as my aim is just to finish the half but now and again seemed swayed by my finish time!!

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AnniemurphHalf Marathon

Woohoo! Well done! No such thing as 'only' beaten by 0.5k - you ran 10.5k which is bloody good! The gel sounds grim though - yuk! Have a great night out tomorrow :)

Ajs07 in reply to Anniemurph

Thanks, the gel wasn’t very pleasant, will stick with jelly babies in future. I will definitely enjoy tomorrow 😜

ancientrunnerHalf Marathon

Well done. A lot of people have said they felt they were going very slowly at the start of Asics plans - I think it changes!! Never tried a gel but don't think I would get on with them - especially not extra gloopy.

Ajs07 in reply to ancientrunner

Even though it was very slow, it was still faster than what the plan wanted so I shouldn’t grumble . I think I will stick with jelly babies from now on x

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Yep that's right, build your distance then increase your speed. There really is no other way to do it.

Is there any reason you tried a gel? I just worry that people take them because they feel they should/ need to for longer runs. I've never used them myself, even on pre-breakfast training runs of 10 miles. Good luck with training💪


Well done!!!

Langley-LoperHalf Marathon

Well done! I am on a HM Asics plan too. I have switched to miles as it is a smaller number than km!! All psychological I know.

Plain water and jelly babies for me. I allow myself one every three miles and one at the end as a reward.

7.5 miles tomorrow so I am praying for cooler weather.


Well done, that sounds like a really good approach. Those gels are foul and I only have them for emergencies as they play havoc with my 💩

Ajs07 in reply to ju-ju-

Now that you’ve said that ju-ju, 😂 I don’t think I can use the gels again, jelly babies for me 🤷‍♀️

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