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Broken the 15k barrier!

Becky1606Half Marathon

So after my wobble earlier this week, I was dreading the 8 mile long run today, especially with period cramps (why!!!).

I set off with you all in mind and did some serious Jeffing. No time pressure just getting miles on feet.

And something happened! I walked for 7 mins at the start as a warm up here instead of slow jogging, and made sure I took regular walking breaks. My 10k time was 5 mins FASTER than last week, my 7 mile time was 5 mins FASTER and I was feeling so good at 8k that I went into co-op, bought some fruit pastilles and thought, let’s try and hit 9 miles this week.

AND I DID. Next week is the magic 10 miles then a week of tapering before my last 3 week training block.

I actually think I’m going to make the 3h cut off?!?!

Thanks to everyone on this forum - you’ve all kept me going since I couldn’t even run for a minute!

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cheekychipmunksHalf Marathon

Woohoooooooo!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Yay Becky! You nailed it, you’ve accepted Jeff as a running buddy and you’re absolutely going to smash the 10 miler! I’m so happy for you! What a different post to last week. 😀👏🏃‍♀️❤️

Becky1606Half Marathon in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks Cheeky!!! I've been smiling since I got in, and oddly found myself chatting to Jeff on the way round (ie "Right Jeff, lets jog one more km and then we'll walk for a song").

Hoping I'll meet the cut off time, but it's looking like 50 mins for 3.5 miles which is totally achievable - especially as i'm being SO cautious with the feet at the moment. What's super exciting is the legs and breathing felt great at 9 miles :D

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon

Brilliant! Well done Becky, SO pleased for you. Running is mostly in the head, so hopefully this gives you the confidence you deserve to have. 👍 xxx

Sadie-runsHalf Marathon in reply to Sadie-runs

PS I ran with period cramps today, so feel your pain! 😱 But the running seems to help. Well, it takes your mind off it anyway! 😂

Becky1606Half Marathon in reply to Sadie-runs

Thanks Sadie, definitely agree that it's all in the head - and the more I get out there on the course, the more confident I start to feel about the next 6 weeks!

Haha, period cramps are the worst, although they did get so much better as I went on, but (slightly TMI) I found I sweated loads and was quite tired early on?

paul1960Half Marathon

It's great when you can use jeffing as part of slowing down I never heard of it till yesterday on here I thought slowing down sounded bad but if you say jeffing it sounds ok

Becky1606Half Marathon in reply to paul1960

Thanks Paul, I was never on the side of Jeffing, preferring to run the full distance, but my foot injury means if i'm going to be able to get round at all in one piece I've needed to accept jeffing into the distance runs - which now I'm totally fine with!

paul1960Half Marathon

I can do half marathons 5k 10ks but no matter what I do I always end up slowing down it just must be the way for me I never stop just get the need to slow down but am not bothered my time is not to bad half marathon took me 2 hours 33 mins which is not bad as this time last year i could not run for more than 1 minute so i must be doing something right

Becky1606Half Marathon in reply to paul1960

That's a great time, I'd be super pleased with that!! :D

paul1960Half Marathon in reply to Becky1606

59 heart bypass and lost 5 stone not bad only been running for about 15 months there's life in the old dog yet


Fabtastic! Go you! So, so many people report jeffing to be faster than running the whole distance. You've definitely got this 👍

Deals1Half Marathon

Excellent! Well done. 😊

Go you! Now believe you will do it and you will 😊🏃‍♀️👊

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