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New necklace!


Deliberated for ages where to post this because it's nowhere near a marathon yet! But that's my long term goal still, so followed jacky-f's lead and put it here :)

Survived the 13.1K Kilomathon despite having a poorly leg, and ignoring all advice to withdraw (sorry...not the irresponsible attitude I would encourage in others!) so finished a wee bit slower than I would have liked, in 1.12.29, but that just means I have to do it again next year. ;)

Luckily there was no snow as originally forecast, the weather was beautiful and sunny. The route was pretty flat, uneventful, and am I allowed to say boring? The final kilometre felt the longest as Murrayfield stadium containing the finishing line was literally within touching distance...and then they send you off to the left for a lap of the training ground. Urghhh mean. Glad to finish in one piece though, unfortunately forgot to take a proper medal picture so have to use this mad one of me looking delirious coming out of the funnel :D

Next stop (after a few 10Ks to keep me going): Great North Run and Great Scottish Run...

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Urghhh indeed, I hate it when they do things like that! Great post, and thank you for putting it here!

Well done!!!


Ooooh noooooo 😖. How could they 😫. They do it for the supporters I think 🙄😁.

Great job 💪😃👍 You look very happy there 😃. Well done 👍😃🏃‍♀️🏅

Here’s to the next one 🥂

ancientrunnerHalf Marathon

Route planners can be so cruel. Well done - and if that is your time with an injury I am even more impressed.


Nice necklace. Well done!

Sandraj39Half Marathon

Great picture - well done on your run!🙂

Nice bling! Congratulations! 👏🏼🎉

Congratulations! Definitely still a good time. And I love the pic!

AnniemurphHalf Marathon

That is the proper picture! Well done on a great achievement :)


Wow you had a great run despite your injury and the extra loop - that’s just cruel! Congratulations! The pic is great too

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