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Hello peeps.I've been absent from the forum and from whole-hearted running for a bit due to various family issues . Fingers crossed, I'm back in the Sauconys for good now. Like a lot of folks I felt at a bit of a loss after my marathon and not quite sure where to go next. All I did know was that I really wanted to run another marathon and qualify for London 2018 with a good-for-age time (my Berlin time was 5 minutes outside the mark)

So with that intention, I have entered Manchester on April 2nd. But I really didn't want to spend five months training for that, so decided that instead, for the interim I would concentrate on improving my 5K PB. I've been using a bit of very unfocussed interval training and quite a lot of hill runs for this and am absolutely chuffed to bits with the results. I got my third PB in a row for Parkrun this morning. The fact that to the front runners I look like a tailed off no-hoper doesn't bother me too much these days. My age graded score this morning was 68.83 % so maybe my next goal should be to hit 70%? As usual I was the only one in my age category, but I was amazed to see that a lady in the 80-84 category finished only a minute behind me. Perhaps I am not at the end of the road!

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  • Well done Pam thats a brilliant result and your hard work is certainly paying off! congratulations on you new parkrun PB :)

  • Thanks Aliboo. Have had a bit of a rough two months but running has kept me going!

  • sorry to hear that :( heres to a great start to 2017 for you AND your 2nd marathon...........fantastic! :)

  • It always amazes me at the pace of some of the mature women. At my recent 10 k their times were awesome. It inspires me to keep running, as the ladies well into their 70's are still ripping it up. The 60's beat the 50's! All out there giving it large and having a blast! While ever it's fun, keep doing it!

    I think running uphill is good! I think that if you run enough of em that when you come to run on the flat you find it way easier. I use to hate hills but now I just try and chew em up. Not quick, just doggedly tackling them.

    Good news about the marathon! Good for you! Wonder if Pops is doing it.

  • I reckon it helps to start late. I can't get disheartened by getting slower than I was because I'm still getting faster! They say you improve for seven years after you start running so I may yet hit that 30 minute 5K mark.

  • Congratulations on improving your times at Parkrun - intervals really do pay off! I admire your determination in the marathon stakes - I must say that for me once was enough, and now I think I will stick to half that distance. Thank goodness for age graded scores - it made my recent half marathon effort look much more impressive!

    Good luck for Manchester!

  • I don't think I am going to become a serial marathoner Ecar. Just the perfectionist in me wants to get it right. Also, I have the perhaps misguided idea that training for Manchester won't be as gruelling because I started from a base of already being marathon fit. Can't say I have a great image of Manchester in my mind though. I picture running through endless grey Lowry-esque streets with washing hanging above them. Someone please tell me I'm wrong!

  • Morning Pam !

    Good to see you on here again and how fab that you're doing this Marathon !

    I marshalled at this last year , and it's a great event and a lovely flat route ! You also run through Sale and Altrincham and past Manchester Unitedd ground . It's a really Well attended event and the support from the spectators is fantastic plus there's lots of bands and music all the way around .

    I've got 2 HMs planned for next year but its definitely on my list for 2018 ! :-) xxx

  • Hello Poppy, Good to be back. The blurb for Manchester did sound good. Plus it's flat. A must for me. My main concern is the weather. I'll be just a month back from my annual trip to the NZ summer and may struggle to adapt!

  • I have basically deliberately slowed down at parkrun these days - my aim has always been to be able to run 5K "easily" -- ie without being daunted by the distance. There was a time when the thought of me running 5K was laughable!!! Now I treat parkrun as a social run - on Saturday I started alongside the tailrunner so that I could eventually "pick up" somebody that I vaguely knew who would be running around a 35 minute pace - and run with him/her. I've been doing this for a few weeks now and enjoying myself !!

  • I think Christmas Day will see my last effort to PB at 5K Bazza. After that, my focus will return to the long slow runs of marathon training and I will treat Park Runs as social events and do more volunteering. I get bored easily though. Hence the need to keep switching the goalposts!

  • I think that drop in motivation after finishing an epic run is quite common, and you've done well by picking yourself up and finding a new focus. Sounds like your speed training has given huge results, well done! And getting into London on a "good for age" ticket would be amazing (I looked into it... just need to doctor my birth certificate and add 20 years). You're an inspiration.

  • Hi Sweetie good to see you posting again. Congratulations on the Parkrun PBs - your speed training is obviously doing the trick. Your plans for Manchester sound good. I'll be looking forward to following your progress updates. Good luck with the Christmas PB. 🍀🎄

  • Good to hear your news- some exciting plans there. Good luck

  • How exciting.... and I think marathons take it out of you emotionally and mentally too and the training plans don't prepare you for that... I rather like the 30,20,10 for getting my speed up..... it really works 😎

  • It was a post from you ages ago that put me onto this ju-ju. It has helped me enormously. And, yes. I think I was a bit unstable in the weeks after the marathon. In freefall. A bit like after producing a baby! That's why I needed a new target.

  • I'm so pleased.... and yes I was like that after I did Paris, I felt broken!!!! New targets are so good for focussing us....

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