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Not on the plan, but I'll take it - and a question going forwards


This week the plan said 5, 7 and 15k. Well courtesy of shingles, the 5 and the 7 didn't happen - the IC won the day. No way could I face the 15k today, but I did at least feel like doing something - definite progress. I decided to have a go at my local parkrun for the first time. It's quite a busy one with approx 600 runners each week so, although the distance was short (but sensible) I would at least get some of the sensation of queuing and waiting and running in a crowd on an unfamiliar route, albeit on a far smaller scale than the Great South run.

Being the first Saturday of the month there were lots of pacers on the run (I didn't know this was a 'thing'). I started slow, in the middle of the pack and soon decided I could run behind the 33 minute pacer. After a couple of km I decided all was well and I would settle in between 33 and 32, another km in and I was gaining on the 32km guy! Overtaking him felt good, but it had nothing on overtaking the 31min pacer in the last 0.5km - he was sooo encouraging too! Final time is 30.51, only 4 seconds slower than my only other Parkrun. I'm very happy with that - I survived a 600 people crowd and made a good time for me, despite having had a lousy week :)

So now I have a question for you lovely seasoned runners - GSR is 2 weeks tomorrow (16km). I've run 15k three times now (the last one being 3 weeks before race day), no further. My plan had been to do another 15k this weekend, then leave next weekend as a shorter run of 10k to save my legs for the big day. Shall I stick with my planned 4, 5,10 then 4, 5, 16k race? or should I try to fit another 15k in between now and race day , and if so, how close to race day can I sensibly leave it (it takes me a while to do 15k but I may be able to squeeze it into a weekday next week)? Hope that all makes sense :D

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I wouldn't worry about it, just stick with your original plan. I think it would be wise not to overdo things with the shingles. xxx

linda9389Administrator in reply to roseabi

I think that's what my instinct is telling me too. Thanks.

SqkrHalf Marathon

I agree that it's not worth risking overdoing it as you're still not fully well. You know you've already got the distance in the bag, you had a great run today, so just enjoy these pre-race weeks knowing you're ready to go!

linda9389Administrator in reply to Sqkr

It's just a background concern about the jump to 16k after 3 weeks of not being anywhere close to that distance - after following the 10% rule as if my life depended on it for the last 18 months 😂😂😂


I wouldn’t do another 15k no. Save it for Race day 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️

linda9389Administrator in reply to misswobble

Thanks. There's a pattern emerging here. A clear poll so far 😀

Sandraj39Half Marathon

Hi Linda, I agree with the others! Great that you did. Parkrun today and in such a fab time - that must give you some are on your way back!💪🏃🏽‍♀️

linda9389Administrator in reply to Sandraj39

Yes it really did feel good for me to finish 5k in that time. The first 0.5km split was slow, but after that they were all decent. Well beyond my15k pace, and close to my best 5k pace so I will hold on to that and hope it means that not too much has been lost. Caution appears to be the way forward :)

LittleNell83Half Marathon

I would take it easy. Interestingly the bumph from the GSR said if you can run 6 miles you can do the 10, so a 10km run should be fine for you. Just take it easy and listen to your body xx

linda9389Administrator in reply to LittleNell83

That's true. I had read that, but I hadn't thought of it in this context. Plus I have the three previous 15k's to remind me I have done it before. The 'only two weeks to go' email this morning didn't feel real though, given I'm pretty much back to the couch :D

WhatsappHalf Marathon

I see why you are questioning missing a run out. But as others have said there is no benefit in trying to squeeze in another run.

linda9389Administrator in reply to Whatsapp

It's great that everyone has said the same thing, although non-running family and friends are taking it one step further and assuming/advising I don't enter! Not listening to them :D

WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to linda9389

As long as you are comfortable running those shorter runs you will be fine on the day. Unfortunately, as you know, no running plan ever goes to, er...plan.

linda9389Administrator in reply to Whatsapp

So I'm learning 😂

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