Big thanks to you all

We're bathed in lovely sun here in Oslo, and I hope you all have good weather for your bank holiday.

I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank all of you for the wonderful support I've received since I joined less than a year ago, and the support I see for everyone else. Except for my hubby, and my fairly tepid small Norwegian online running group, I don't have contact with many runners over here. So all your friendly comments and tips are much appreciated, and really warm my heart. It makes a huge difference, so thank you so much!

I'll do my best to try to encourage you all back.

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  • That's nice to hear C3PO ! :) And its lovely to see members from different countries here! Its really sunny at the mo and i think it will be hopefully nice for next few days (my sister is getting married here tomorrow!) Have a great weekend and maybe see you here on the IOW sometime! :)

  • Congratulations on your sister's wedding! I've signed up for the St. George's 10 mile race again, so maybe we'll see each other there?

  • I think I will be doing it! If not I will be marshalling so it'll be nice to see you there. I am a member of iwrr now who organise the race!

    Right! Better walk dog then get over for wedding prep!! 😊

  • 💟

  • You're most welcome CP30! C3PO even

  • ❤️🎈

  • Aw that is so nice of you , thank you so much :-) xxx

  • This is the friendliest forum I know :) I can't think of anywhere else that has the same level of support and friendship from all levels and to all levels, from people who are worried about whether they are capable of starting C25K to people who are casually mentioning that they are about to run their 3rd Ultra of the year tomorrow :D

    It's lovely to have you here too, with the help and encouragement you give :) I'm glad you're enjoying the sunshine. Because it is a bank holiday, our weather here is now cold and rainy again. It's the rules :D

  • Seconded about appreciating a running community. I don't know any other runners here and it's great to feel part of a lovely virtual running club :)

  • That makes me so very happy..... I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures etc. Like you I am a lone runner bar with my beautiful son and I use here and FB groups to spur me on and give me support. What a lovely post that's made my day 😎

  • Such a lovely post. And you're always very welcoming and encouraging in your posts.

  • I totally agree! The best and most supportive online forum I have ever encountered.

  • Great forum this, I've been here for 3 years now, you lot are like old friends xx

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