Weekly chat 22 - 28 May

Hi everybody,

Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going,

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week !

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  • I had to take a divert today as I was threatened by an aggressive cow. I was really scared!!!!

  • Eek!

  • i had cows chase me once very scary. But did find out i can jump over a barbed wire fence quite well.

  • that could have been nasty !!!

  • Oh, Ju, that's scary - they can be really nasty. Glad you diverted.

  • Went out for a gentle 5k today, still feeling the marathon in the legs! My marathon pace is now also my 5k pace... hopefully that will start to shift soon!

  • I finished the intervals part, and now 5k race Plan wants me to run fast 5ks for the next three weeks, well we'll see...

    In gentler news I have been going out for lovely clifftop bike rides, and (finally!!) some swims in the sea, hurrah! Lower body strength workouts were forgotten last week (could try harder), but upper body stuff going ok (v.g., tick) :)

  • how do you like swimming in the sea?

  • I actually enjoyed it the last couple of times! Feeling optimistic at the moment :)

  • Great do you wear a wet suit or just go free?

  • Wet suit - I'll have to wear one for the triathlon anyway, unless we have some really freaky weather that sends the water above 22 degrees. Although I think I'm going to switch to my summer suit, because one of the legs of the one I've been wearing keeps filling with water, I look like I'm carrying a water bomb :D

  • how many wetsuits do you have? !

  • Just the two. But my husband has two too, so our flat looks like a wetsuit shop sometimes!

  • oh blimey you could open a shop

  • I'm still recovering from Tuesday's race, but I think a run is what I need - so I imagine I'll be out there again tomorrow.

    I'm really wondering to do about next year. The race organizers seem to have received so many complaints that they're offering a really good price for next year. 2 for the price of 1, if you sign up before June 1st. As I probably will be running the London Marathon next April, I've been wondering what I can get away with 5 weeks after the race. I'm tempted to sign up to the suddenly renamed 21K event and just walk the forest bit and then run the last 10K once I get back into the city. Does that sound OK, or is it a bad idea? They also have a 21K walking bib, but I can't imagine I'd only want to walk.

  • "suddenly renamed 21K event" :D

    Sounds fine to me - sounds like you wanna do it anyway :)

  • Thanks! I've decided to sign up. I think the strategy I mentioned should be safe.

  • Reeeee! More half marathons :D

  • Well, my run on Wednesday didn't go quite as planned. I guess there's something in that 1 day of recovery per mile run rule. Normally it isn't an issue, but I've usually run the distance right before the race. I hadn't last year either, but the terrain was less gruelling. So I ended up going on an easy 5K run with quite a bit of walking. I've done some cross training and strength training during the past couple of days, so hopefully I should manage a better run on Sunday.

  • I am feeling really frustrated because I have an Achilles' tendon and posterior tibial tendon problem on my right leg and am resting ( walking and cycling - no running 😟 ) Hoping I am able to do my walking holiday in 2 weeks time.

  • Sorry to hear that your body is working against you, and I hope your recovery speeds up, so you can enjoy your holiday.

  • Thank you. I am doing some strengthening/stretching exercises too, and wearing insoles for support.

  • Oh darn it Eatcake! Rotten luck! I have a twangy Achillies anorl and it does ones head in doesn't it! I think having a lay off is a good idea

    Have a good holiday and hopefully you'll be good to go by the time you get back

    Raced the last two weekends. Starting a new plan this weekend for a ten mile race at the beginning of July

  • Thank you MissW. It is very annoying but I have to admit it has been better since I gave it a rest! Good luck for your race plan/ race.

  • Two weekends racing is impressive.

  • It's not usual! The second race was only just over 9 minutes long mind you

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