Well, I made it to the finish line

- but it wasn't pretty!! Sorry for delay in posting, went on to visit friends and have only just stopped.

Got to Newcastle late Saturday and hotel had notice up welcoming GNR runners and had goodie bags to give out. Slept okay and headed off early next morning on the metro. Walking up to drop off bag we all had to clear a path for a coach coming up the closed road. All the "what on earth" muttering stopped when people realised it was the elite men and there was Mo. The 36 red double decker baggage buses moving off in convoy was also quite a sight. Into the pens, stood next to a dinosaur doing lunges and a lady who really must have been in her late 80's. Lots of encouraging texts coming through from family and friends. Gun went off at 10.40, I crossed the start line at 11.30!!

All the things you have heard about the crowds and atmosphere of the Great North Run are true. My first ever view of the Tyne Bridge came as I ran through the middle of it. The Red Arrows had gone over long before whilst I was still 1/2Km from the start but just saw the smoke changing colour. Had been to the loo after dropping my bag off, then again just in case but by mile 4 was desperate to go again. Bizarrely spotted a solitary portaloo up a side street with no queue- what a find. Got to mile 9 feeling surprisingly comfortable, knew it would get harder but was counting down the miles when I was suddenly overcome with nausea. Had to stop and walk a bit but whenever I ran more than a few minutes I was close to vomiting. I did run down the hill to the sea as had been so looking forward to that, but it proved a mistake as did running across the finish line when I vomited again. After a bit of a lie down got the bus back into Newcastle but rather dramatically had to lie down on the floor and had luckily already emptied out my goodie bag in anticipation of needing it for another purpose.

So - I don't really know what happened. The easy answer would be the heat. It was hotter than I expected but it has been very hot and humid at home for weeks so I am not convinced.

I had consciously upped my fluids the couple of days before and I never had a headache. My legs and joints didn't really trouble me during or after the race so I don't think I was dehydrated. Still felt bit nauseous the next day after had definitely drunk/eaten enough.

Mapmyrun didn't work properly so haven't got all the splits but chip times were 5k- 35 mins, 10 k 1hr 13 and 15k 1.51 which is about what I would have expected hoping to come in around 2hrs 30, So I don't think I went off too fast. Final time was 2 hours 49mins.

So I am a bit disappointed as I had trained hard, but as a more experienced friend said - it is what it is on the day and you can only do your best with that. I certainly hope I can get to do it again.

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  • But you did it - and want to do it again so that is fantastic! 😀 Big well done and sorry that it was marred by the nausea, that must have been horrible. I watched the event on TV and thought it was inspiring!

  • Thanks - it is a special event. It is good to have read a couple of other posts saying it was very hot so I wasn't being pathetic.

  • Congratulations! Sounds fab -minus the nausea, hope you soon perked up? I would so love to do this run.

  • Thank you all recovered now. Finally got home early this morning, need to get for a run again now.

  • Well done AR!😊Fantastic acheivement especially with feeling dodgy, not sure I'd have made it to the end feeling like that. Be proud of yourself you made it and got to enjoy a lot of atmosphere. One to put down to experience but fantastic all the same😊

  • Thanks Ali - I am pleased I did it. I may have been thinking I can never do this again at the time - but it faded fast!! As a city they really embrace it.

  • Wow ! Really Well done Linda !

    That mustve been so tough for you but you went on to complete it and in a really good time too !

    Hope it didn't spoil the occasion for you , it mustve been such a brilliant atmosphere there .

    D'ya know what ? Theres been a few taken part but weve seen no bling ! Would love to see a pic if you don't mind ? :-) xxx

  • The atmosphere was really good - even me from London was chatting to people on the metro. Will be trying for a place next year too. I can try tomorrow and put a picture on but it is a fairly standard Great Run medal and if your Manchester 10k was by them will be very similar.

    Not long for you now!!

  • Ah I thought it would be different bling with it being half marra distance . They are nice medals :-)

    Yes ! Not long for my HM -Arrgh ! Oh it can't come quick enough for me now . I just want it to be here ! Still quite a bit of training to do still , but really enjoying it . Well apart from tonight when I had a right stinker , but such is life :-) xxx

  • Disappointed! That's a good time given the heat! It's a good time even without the heat!

    Sorry about your nausea! I hope you are fully recovered now.

    I watched it on the telly and the numbers were just mind boggling. I think overwhelming actually but I suppose you just have to go with the flow on the day. It looked like one seething mass when seen from the aeriel cameras. The Red Arrows was a nice touch! Well done on spotting Mo! He's a proper star isn't he. I wonder if the 80 something lady was Iva Barr.

  • I know, just at the time I was fed up not to have run every step. They were well organised for so many people - the queues for the loo weren't too bad at all. Just googled Iva Barr - wasn't her. I think she was called "Glad", someone was speaking to her who had seen her at another race. Along the way I saw another lady of similar vintage. Great isn't it- we can keep going for years yet.

  • sorry to hear about your sickness do you think it might over hydration can cause this issue?

    but still sounds like a great run and very good atmosphere. There are other races for a PB :)

  • Sorry I thought I had replied. don't think it was overhydration, had some extra water the couple of days before but just my normal fluids on the day. Have seen someone overhydrated and quite scary. That bit is all fading from the memory now!!!

  • Gosh you did so well to finish under those conditions. Well done you! I'd be more than happy with that time, especially when it was stinking hot. And you're already talking about the next time? It took a month after the Bathhalf before I reached that point!

  • Congratulations! Sounds like a good result considering the conditions.

  • Cheers!

  • Well done on completing it and on the lovely bit of bling!

    At least you found the portaloo... could have been even worse if you'd missed that!!!

  • Bit late to reply but - well done and congratulations! The GNR is very inspiring, I would love to have a go one day. Hope you are fully recovered now. ☺️

  • Thank you. Yes fully recovered but still a bit mystified. The bad bits are fading and the good memories to the fore. Hopefully get another go - and you will too.

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