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First half marathon completed

jacky-fHalf Marathon

Woke up far too early this morning and had a huge bowl of porridge. Got to the start pen far too early and had to keep moving around to try to keep warm. Luckily found out that there were indoor toilets so spent the final half hour queuing indoors to warm up again and then back outside just after 8. I was surprised how many people there were - it took 25 minutes for us to reach the start line.

The route starts with a nice downhill section then through Princes Street gardens then on to the Royal Mile towards Holyrood Palace. I managed to keep to my planned pace, ignoring all the speedy people around me. After about 3 miles we came to the only real hill on the route which I managed to get to the top off without collapsing. The route then followed the coast but sadly the views were obscured by the fog that didn't clear for the rest of the day. The good thing was it kept the temperature down to around 10C which is perfect for me to run in, and there was a wind but not too fierce.

I was plodding along nicely until the 9 mile mark where you pass the finish line and carry on for a further 2 miles before turning back. Never has 2 miles felt so long - I was beginning to think I had ended up on the full marathon route by mistake. I found the last 2 miles very tough, I just ran out of energy and had to walk quite a bit in between short bursts of running. The crowd helped massively, lots of strangers calling my name and telling me I was doing great.

I finally turned and saw the finishing line looming in front of me and managed to run down the home straight and smile for the cameras. I was very pleased with my time of 2 hours 37 minutes, a bit less than my predicted time. All in all a wonderful day and a huge sense of achievement. That's me on the left, along with my 2 training partners.

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Congratulations. I hate passing the finish and having to go on further, it really isn't fair! Well done on finishing - and quicker than expected is a bonus 👍👏🍾🎉


Congratulations Jacky! Sounds like a great race. That is a little cruel of them to make you loop past the finish line! 👏👊🏃‍♀️

Well done! And an impressive time as well, hope you're really proud of yourself 😀

Well done x

aliboo70Half Marathon

Congratulations Jacky that's a great result and lovely you had people with you to share the acheivement afterwards too x


Well done, and mentally that must have been awful having to go through the finish line and then do more miles!!!


Yay well done! 😃

Great big bowl of porridge! Sounds like my kinda race 😃😋

Weather wise, it couldn’t have been better - apart from the fog 🙂

Good time too and bling 👍😃.

Huge well done! Great achievement x

HiddenHalf Marathon

Sounds like the best weather for a half and you had a good run. I think we would all flag a bit having to pass the finish line! Well done!

Sandraj39Half Marathon

How cruel to have you run past the finish line - so tough mentally! But well done on your first HM - I am sure you are still buzzing and will be for days! It's so warm down here in the south - so glad that you had a perfect temperature to run in. Great picture too - well done to all three of you!🙂🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏅

AnniemurphHalf Marathon

Brilliant! Well done, and a great time!

C3POVirtual HM

Congratulations! I don't like events organizers playing mind games, so you did well after passing the finish line.

Well done :) that last section was a trial wasn’t it :)

jacky-fHalf Marathon

Thanks for all the messages - I'm still on a high today.


Well done! I had a similar thing on my HM, we had to run past the football stadium where the finish was (and could hear the PA and razamataz going on in there) only to head up into the woods for a "hilly" last 2.5k! It's a killer, so well done again!

Irish-JohnHalf Marathon

Congratulations! And I really appreciate honest and "real world informative" posts like this. It is inspiring and helpful to those of us who really do find running tough on our bodies - it shows it can be done in a way an "I crushed it" post or article or retelling never can.

I only even attempted trying the 5k distance because I could identify with someone who wrote that they had graduated - ' even though I still feel like my lungs are on fire'.

Congratulations again, and thank you again :)

jacky-fHalf Marathon in reply to Irish-John

Thanks John, what a lovely comment. I always find running hard no matter the distance so it was a massive sense of achievement to complete it. My next run is a 10k race for life and I am already fed up with people telling me it will be easy as it's "only" 10k.

Irish-JohnHalf Marathon in reply to jacky-f

Yep, like climbing Mount Everest is easy - all you have to do is walk five miles up a slope! 😂


Ha ha, I'm always amazed by how long a half marathon can seem in the throes of it!

Flipping well done!!!!!

Awesome. Well done. You really deserve that pride.

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