I only blooming well did it!

I only blooming well did it!

It wasn't fast, nor pretty nor even fun most of the time but I blooming pushed and pushed and I did it!

From mile 9 to the end I found it really tough and had some walk breaks but I kept going.

I cried when I got home :-) must've been the exhaustion.

Whilst during the run I swore I'd never do it to myself again and wondered why on earth I thought it'd be a good idea and I think I'll enter the Morecambe Half!

Tried a gel - don't like! I couldn't have it in one go and carried it for a few mins whilst I sipped on it and it ended up making my hands sticky which wasn't nice so I think I may need to try something else.

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  • That's a great result. Congratulations! Especially managing to push through.

  • Well done though! :)

  • Told you you could do it! Well done on sticking it out - the mental battle is as important as the physical one. Rest up well tomorrow now - you have earned it! 🙂

  • Thanks guys.

    I know that the 1/2 distance will get easier over time. Not too long ago 10K seemed an impossible feat and then was something that I struggled with but did and now it is my usual distance - not that I think that a 1/2 will be my usual run distance!

  • Would you like a badge??

  • Yes please - how do I get one?

  • There you go, well deserved too 😎

  • Brilliant ! Well done Marie , a fantastic achievement:-) xxx

  • Woohoo! Well done!!!!

  • Well done and a great time too.... I'm with you on the gels they are so disgusting!!! Dried fruit or sweets may be better to try. ??

  • Thank you all again.

    Ju-ju - thank you for the idea. I will have a try out with different things in the next few weeks

  • Congratulations - well done for keeping going. The badge looks great.

  • One last question. I have a running belt that hold 2 150ml water bottles and whilst I managed I wondered if I'd be better with more water and if so what do you all use?

  • I tried a running belt, but I don't get on with them and I find the water bottles get in the way of my arms. I swear by my camelbak - they are brilliant, but I do know people who hate them because of the 'sloshing' noise. If you can see if you can borrow one for a run, just to try out the fit and to see if you can put up with the noise (plus the different models fit slightly differently, so it would be good to try out a couple to find one that really suits you). I tend to use mine now even on shorter runs (and it's great for holding keys, phones etc!).

  • Fantastic - very well done!

  • Go you! Super achievement, very well done.

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