10 k event this weekend then my eye on the HM

Well my wonky legs seem to be stronger, I will be doing a 5k in the morning (hope that prepares me for a 10 am job interview), another 5k on Thursday, 2 days of rest, then my Sunday 10k. Not a social runner, so it will be a challenge. Once that is done, I will set my eye on September and my Half Marathon, bit frightened about that but plenty of time to build up distances and look after my legs in the process, hope I can make it!

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  • Of course you can... and you will.

    But let's take one step at the time and let's start with having a great 10km on Sunday. 😉

    Have fun!

  • You can do it. Best wishes and good luck on all counts 🍀

  • Fingers already crossed for you joolie! Take it easy and I'm sure you will be fine.

  • Good Luck Joolie, you've put all the work in, you will be fine.

    Just a touch of pre-race nerves , I think.

    You can do it ! :-) xxx

  • Good luck Joolie, you can do it!

  • Good luck with everything, the legs, the 10k, and hope you wow them at the interview. I'm sure a bit of lingering adrenaline will help you to impress :)

  • Good luck with the interview... And well done 😎

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