Did I have too much to drink last night?

Whoops! I seem to have  entered the ballot for the 2017 London Marathon. Just in case I don't get to Berlin you understand. Nobody in their right mind would want to run two marathons when they were 70...

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  • Exciting!  Hubby has put his name in the ballot this morning too. Given I've yet to find sufficient gusto to sign up for a half - my name is not in there! 

    Good luck ☺

  • Thats great and i wish you well personally i'm just as impressed by someone of ANY age running 5k

  • I am toying with the idea - probably would have a heart attack if I actually got a place!

  • PS: I hope I will still be doing this when I am 70!! Good for you!

  • Oh come to Berlin, I'll cheer you on!

  • Barring injury I will be there! Do you live in Berlin? Lovely city!

  • Yes I do ,so you'll have a fan club waiting for you :)

  • Ooh! That would be so good!

  • Me too!!!  Good Luck😘

  • No they wouldn't! 😊

  • Nobody in their right mind would want to run. Period. But runners' mind is not quite "right". 😆

    Well 2017 is too soon for me but maybe I'll be just able to join you in 2018, so you can teach me a thing or two about marathons.

  • I have entered too , but I don't hold up much hope of getting in not sure I could give a charity place justice. So i guess I will just have to make make the championship time. For my age is only 3hr 15 minutes I have to do that at some point this year.  Its probably more likely of getting the time then a ballot place. 


  • I thought you already had to have run a marathon when you enter the ballot to qualify for a good for age place?

  •  Maybe! I don't think i will ever get near that time. I would be amazed to make it under 4hrs

  • You could dress up as me Ben. Then  you'd only have to make it under 6 hours!

  • Do I get to wear a dress? 

  • It's mandatory. And did I mention the handbag?

  • a hand bag as well, i am a lucky boy! 

  • Me too TT, and two of my brothers! Wouks be amazing if qe all got a place! And ive only been drinking tea! 😊😆

  • Me too.   I blame the wine too, I had a extra one last night.  I can't tell anyone one at home just yet as I have HM on Sunday and they are worried that that is too long even though I did it last year.  I'm going to use it as my secret training tool till October and then deal with it then.  I'm not sure I've got a chance but knowing my luck!!! 

  • LOL - Once you've done Berlin, you'll be itching for your next marathon. So, hopefully you will get in London too. My Dad loved London marathon and always talked about doing it again. He did mention that it was hard to get out of the blockades to get a beer along the route though. LOL  

    My mom did 4 a year, when she was in her 60s and early 70s. She did slow down to walking when she hit 75 (because of a problem in the big-toe joint in the ball of her foot which makes flexing foot impossible). She still walks two though (at 79). Our time is usually about 7:20.  I'm sure she'd be doing more, if I was there to walk with her.

    So, if you get into London - do both!  You can do whatever you put your mind to. Just make sure you eat the snacks you crave and drink a beer after each run.

  • yesss... you star, go girl, you rock!!!

  • Love it!!

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