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WeyHey! I did my exercises!

SkiMondayHalf Marathon

When I got home this evening, I actually did my NHS Knee Exercises for Runners and my core strengthening exercises (plank, dead bug and boat). I know they're important to improve my running but I find it really difficult to motivate myself to do them. I just did one set instead of three because I don't want to overdo it.

Seems odd to me that I find it easy to motivate myself to go out for a two hour run (even when it's raining) but pushing myself to do a few exercises at home is really tricky. Maybe reminding myself that it doesn't take very long will help.

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AlMorr10 Miles

What the heck is a dead bug and boat?

I do planks a lot, but dead bug and boat??? 😀 🐛😂

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to AlMorr

Dead bug: lie on your back with arms pointing straight up and legs bent at 90 degrees (like they would be if you sat upright on a chair). Lower your left arm behind your head and straighten your right leg towards the floor. It's a bit tricky to coordinate at first, then it becomes easier, then, after a few more reps...

For the boat, you basically sit on the floor in a V shape so you're leaning back a bit with your legs straight. So far, I've done it with my legs bent because I can't get them straight and my stomach muscles can't hold the weight yet.

I found them on this site:


AlMorr10 Miles in reply to SkiMonday

Thank you very much for your reply SkiMonday, I do sit ups on my non running days, so I'll try those two exercises as well. 😊.


I'm the same, I'm just terrible at making myself do a few reps of strength exercises but I'll go out for half a day running 🤷‍♂️ So I admire your dedication! Now to make it habit...

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to Sqkr

I guess the next step is to do them again tomorrow. I'll have a stern word with myself about that. Idea: I'll undertake to post on here tomorrow after I've done them, that should give me some incentive.

Are you planning on doing yours tomorrow?

SqkrAdministrator in reply to SkiMonday

Nope, I'm on a rest week after my long run at the weekend, before starting to prep for the next one 😁 and besides there's no room on my floor for anything right now. Had to empty the attic for a workman and it's all over the flat now 😑

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to Sqkr

Ah! It's important to stick to planned rests (as far as I know anyway, I'm still a bit of a novice runner). Mind you, if floor space is a problem, could you work out in the attic? 😁


Can only agree! Nothing useful to share, sorry :D

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Probably in no small part because these exercises are tediously boring to do with no real end goal - whereas running is fun.

I have given these all a go before, but I don't bother to do them anymore. The key is to find something you enjoy doing.

I did the one month plank challenge as that gave me something to work towards. Other than that I have cycled, swam and done 200 skip challenge, 100 push up challenge etc. to mix it up a bit.

Consistent running is still the best thing by far to make you a stronger, better runner.

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

Good point Whatsapp. Although that might just kick off my stubborn streak which will get me doing the exercises anyway.


Well done!!!

I love doing strength exercises anyway, but an interesting podcast makes them even better! 😄😄😄

SkiMondayHalf Marathon

Well, that worked! I just did 2 sets of the knee exercises and all 3 of the core. OK, I still can't get my legs straight for the boat but I held my feet off the ground so I think I'm getting most of the effect, it certainly feels like it anyway.

I think the knee exercises are worth trying because my knees have been starting to ache recently. They're definitely feeling better now but I don't know if that's due to the exercises or to taking a week off from running. As for the core exercises, I guess it's a case of wait and see.

I won't have chance to do the exercises tomorrow and probably not on Saturday but I'm aiming to do some more after my long run on Sunday.

skysue1610 Miles

Well done for doing those exercises 👍. I also find it hard to motivate myself. I have put a yoga mat on the floor next to the bed as a reminder! Can't decide if it is better to do something every day, to create a habit of do them three times a week on non run days?

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