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Marathon training... The big ones!

Marathon training... The big ones!

I feel I have reached a huge hurdle in my training. Today I did 17 miles... Getting past that HM stage is really hard. I do a list of my breaks that I tear off every 3 miles. My son gave me one of his energy bars which was fab at halfway... I also took a flask of tea!!!

I really felt the love at 10 miles and even did a little dance. Last 2 miles were really tough.... Everything hurt!!

Pic is my special milestone list that I rip a hole at each one, and the other is a sign I found a mile before home ( pointing the wrong way!!!)

Happy panthering


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Go JJ! Well done girl! Way to break through that barrier xxx and especially big hugs for the last 2 miles when it was hrd and you pushed through xxx


Fantastic! I am working towards a half marathon in September, can't imagine being able to run your distances, but maybe little by little I could next year. I managed to graduate from C25K 20 weeks ago, then worked up to a 13 km run (8 miles)! I got so super confident, booked a 10k event in June. Tried a HM training programme and then got a twingy knee 😕! Took a week off and I did a slow 5k today and feel ok, so another 2 X 5 k this week and back on to one long run a week.

Can you share tips on increasing distance? What speed did you aim for or just running at a comfortable pace? Did you run 3 times a week, shorter or longer runs. Have you done any hills or tempo running? Would be great to hear your ideas! Have you ever had any injury and what helped you keep going?

Keep going, you are doing a great job of inspiring us too, Julie


Just......brilliant. Nuff said.


Fantastic! A HM is a big enough goal for me. You have busted through that one most effectively. Good luck with your training.


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