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London marathon training update

jacky-fHalf Marathon

What a difference a week makes! My long run last Sunday was 8 miles and I struggled most of the way, taking long walking breaks and thought I would never finish. I realised I was needing a rest as work had been very busy and I had been running 3 or 4 times a week. This week I decided to take it very easy, did a very short run on Wednesday and a couple of Bodypump classes but otherwise nothing at all.

Today I set out to do 12 miles and before the first mile my brain was telling me that my legs were sore and I wouldn't be able to run very long today. My planned route took me out for 11km and back by a slighter shorter route of 9km. I like planning runs like this as once I am that far from home I've got no choice but to do the full distance to get home again. I do carry my bus pass as a back-up mind you!

Anyway I ignored the gremlins and plodded on and once I was in my stride it felt good. I stopped to have a gel at 11k before turning back and stayed reasonably strong until about 16k then I was running into the wind and struggling a bit. The last 2k almost killed me - I was starting to get cramp in my thighs and calves but I carried on, walking quite a lot by this time but at least I was still moving.

I have decided to increase my long run every second week as I get too tired doing long distances every week so next Sunday I will try 8 miles again then up to 14 miles the following Sunday. Hopefully the weather stays as good as it has been lately - I have been very lucky with that.

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I take something to eat to give my legs a boost when the going gets tough. You eat early before fatigue sets in 😃

These long runs can be tough. I walk when I need to and generally run slow. if I have the legs near the end I might pick it up

Every other week for a long run sounds ideal 🙂💪👍🏃‍♀️

Enjoy yourself and don’t over do it 👍😃

jacky-fHalf Marathon in reply to misswobble

I'm still trying to decide what's best to eat on the run. I tried some flapjack today but found it really dry and hard to swallow. I also had an energy drink and a gel so a bit of a sugar overload! Any suggestions for savoury snacks that are easy to eat?

roseabiAdministrator in reply to jacky-f

Sugar is what you really need for a marathon, but you can certainly take the edge off with some savoury snacks now and then. Some food suggestions we have had on here have included Hula Hoops ( thanks go to misswobble herself for sharing that idea!), cheese, and dill pickles! Ideally you want something fairly soft and moist - you have already found it is hard to swallow dry food on the run! But Hula Hoops I find quite easy to consume, because they are small, I suppose.

Well done, and keep us posted xxx

jacky-fHalf Marathon in reply to roseabi

I'll give hula hoops a go. I think I need something salty as I sweat a lot even when it's cold and then I start to get cramp. I'm going to need a big bag for all this food!

misswobbleMarathon in reply to jacky-f

You won’t need a bag. Pockets are the answer.

I only eat hula hoops on really long runs. They really hit the spot.

tiggs1Metric Marathon in reply to jacky-f

I like kendal mint cake for during a run and find it gives me the energy boost i need to get up 'one more hill' when i do my trail races. It is almost pure sugar and just dissolves in my mouth.

jacky-fHalf Marathon in reply to tiggs1

I love Kendal mint cake. I used to eat it walking up mountains. I'll need to get some and give that a go for my next long run. The problem I have is stopping myself eating it when I'm sitting watching telly.

misswobbleMarathon in reply to jacky-f

I’ve got a KMC stash. Regular and choc 😃👍

misswobbleMarathon in reply to jacky-f

There are some lovely bars. I make my own though 😋

misswobbleMarathon in reply to jacky-f

Savoury 🤔 jerky, pretzels, sarnis (if you can find a pocket) thinking peanut butter Ham is nice but not when it gets warm 😀

JosterHalf Marathon in reply to jacky-f

Well done! I take dried apricots in my belt and chew/suck on them every couple of kms. My husband swears by jelly babies for his cycling!

Like you I have decided to increase my distance every other week as I think I need more time to recover. So today is my increase in distance run. Aiming for 9.5 miles today. So the plan is increase by 0.5 miles every other week. I’m only training for a half in early June so I have plenty of time to get there but I need to know I can do the distance before hand.

I take dates and a cereal bar on long runs but like you I prefer more moist food so my preference at the moment it’s dates.

Good luck with your plan. 🏃🏻‍♀️😊

AnnaKareninaMetric Marathon

First of all, a huge well done on getting out there especially after a horrid run. I am also training for London and know how intimidating it can feel setting off on these long runs.

It is such a balance isn't it between having the discipline to follow the plan and being flexible about how you're feeling and life's demands. I am up to 15 miles on my long run (it increases a mile each week until 21 miles) and each run feels like a mini-drama all of its own: I veer between loving it, loathing it, feeling confident, feeling overwhelmed, having lots of energy to thinking I can't take another step and so it goes on. Even my three non-long runs have got quite long now - 2 x 5 miles and 1 x 8 miles which, because I am so slow, takes me ages!

Fuel wise, I am still experimenting. I use U-Can in a drink before I set off and then have a gel about an hour in. Towards the end, I have tried a couple of dates which I like as I think I prefer proper food. I am also carrying a bottle of water now and definitely need it even though it is cold.

Keep on keeping on, jacky. We'll do this together!

jacky-fHalf Marathon in reply to AnnaKarenina

Thanks for the encouragement, it's good to know I'm not alone. I know what you mean about the changes of mood during a run - it's lucky I run on my own, I would feel sorry for anyone having to hear my moans while I run. I've got a few ideas now for food to try for my next long run, still plenty of time to practice. I suppose I'll need to try Lucozade sport at some point to see how I get on with that.

FlickM3Half Marathon

That’s an impressive distance when you started out struggling!

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