Marathon training progress report

Marathon training progress report

I managed to knock my gremlins on the head today and run 20 miles. This has always been a biggie for me as Paris ( my marathon last year) left me with some emotional scars.

I did it in DEVON on a route I haven't done before. Handy as the road was closed so I had free panthering reign which was fab. I actually felt OK and I know I could have done the full marathon if I'd pushed. It felt really hilly and my total elevation was 1,500 feet ..... All my hilly trail runs are paying off which I'm delighted about

Happy panthering


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  • Wow that's hardcore, hats off to you young lady

  • Thankyou ( loving the 'young ' lady!!!)

  • Wowee juicyju - that is amazing! 20miles is incredible - that marathon is yours for the taking! Plus another fab picture - very very impressed ☺ well done that lady!

  • Thankyou, I am so glad to have got that one done....

  • Wow! Awesome job! Well done pushing through. You're going to smash that marathon.

  • Thankyou... I hope so!!

  • Well done! You will be more than ready for Brighton!

  • I do feel ready, and it was also nice to run somewhere different too... Thankyou

  • Wow that is so impressive! Well done!

  • Thankyou!

  • thats great and those hills they 1500ft sound more like mountains and you only took just under 4hrs to do it all.

    Your well ahead of me in my preparation for Brighton

  • Thankyou... and it sounds like your training is going well? Where are you up to?

  • my last long run was 17.5 miles and my next long run this weekend will be 20 miles. So i guess i am only one weekend behind you, just 6 more miles to go!

  • That is amazing, and well done for putting those gremlins to bed :-) You can't get far in Devon without a good hill !!

  • Thankyou... I realise that now, although I do like undulation rather than just flat...

  • Well done Ju. Sounds like you're well on target for your marathon. The hills certainly do pay off don't they ☺

    Your post has cheered me up as I've been in bed all weekend.

  • Oh no, are you ill?? I so hope you are better soon, take care

  • Big respect... I would have been impressed if that run was in "K's" let alone Miles!!

  • Awww thanks AndyD

  • On a slightly different subject, lovely Salomon head band thing I like Salomon stuff, but your water bag carry thing? do you like it? what make is it?

    I did have a look around for water carry type thing but they are quite expensive and i have 3 long runs left of my marathon training so i figured i could just by bottles of water while i am out which wont even come to a fiver. (they call it being carefull with money and not tight!)

  • I love Salomon stuff, and the buff was a freebie from a trailrun I did ( organised by Wildrun):

    If you fancy it, and I think you will get a buff ( I have 2 now).

    I wear a Camelbak. I have to say I dont get on that well with it as it rubs me, but if I vaseline up, I'm ok. It carries 2 litres, has pockets and I always carry a foil blanket too. If you are on Facebook there is a second hand running stuff group and they often come up...

  • You look just fantastic - well done JJ! You are so ready for this marathon! x

  • Thankou xx

  • Brilliant ! You are JU- AMAAAZING ! :-)

    Fantastic stuff Panther , flippin' awesome , and I love that buff too ! :-) xxx

  • Aww thankyou.... it was a freebie from a trailrun in my goody bag. Best goodybag ever that one!!

  • Well done JJ - I'm still at 18 miles for my long runs in this training cycle, I'll be doing the Finchley 20 on March 13th which will be my first (and probably only one of two) twenty milers. Before my first marathon last year, I ran 20, 22 and 24 miles which is much too much.

    Good work on conquering the twenty-mile demons - I bet it's such a good feeling to get that one out of the way.

  • Thankyou... I got to 23 last year and i am aiming to do the same. for my mental preparedness more than anything!!!

  • You continue to be awesome.

  • Thankyou :)

  • Fantastic stuff! Well done ☺

  • Well done!! Nice road too - nust be great woith no cars. (I was there last November (a very good friend of mine lives in Bampton)

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