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Marathon Training

OMG I'm actually writing this! How scary!

I did my first HM race yesterday and got 2:25 which whilst isn't fast I was happy with as I hadn't done any long runs since July as we were in the US all summer and it was just too hot to get further than 10K and we only got back 6 days before my race so I was still rather tired as our 3 year old is still on US time so is up most of the night.

My plan for the HM was simply just to get round as on Thursday I did 8.5 miles and wanted to collapse in a heap so I set off at an 11 min mile and hoped that I would be able to stay at that for the whole race and I actually did and did it without any walking however looking back now I think that I should have pushed myself more as after the race I managed to walk around a shopping centre for an hour lol so I had more in me if that makes sense.

Anyway last night my hubby asked me if I was going to do a marathon next year to which i laughed and said no but I've been thinking about it all day and I think that I would like to. I know that I need to improve and consolidate my HM time but I know, that for me, my speed has come from being able to run longer distances so I'm thinking that I'd most likely aim to run further so that I can run faster over a shorter distance if that makes sense so why not aim for a marathon distance?

My question is other than MyAsics (which I detest!) does anyone recommend an app I can download for training or should I simply increase my longer run each week by around a mile?

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That's a great time and with no stops! I stop all the time πŸ™‚ Mind you I'm getting on now.

After my last half I had to do hip swings on the walk home as I was getting Rigor in the groin area. Oooooeeeeek 😫

I follow myasics plans. Sorrreee. No help at all am I 😊

You could get yourself a plan based on this lastest result, just to see what it looks like. You don't have to follow it to the letter πŸ™‚

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I'm sorry but I had the most hillerious image of the hip swings :-D

It's me that's a pain and don't like change.

I currently do 4 runs a week which are approx 10-12 miles, 8-10 miles and then 2 5 miles (so around 30 miles a week) but MyAsics wanted me to cut down to under 20 miles a week which seemed silly.


I also think that's a great time. I've been using Mapmyrun for years, and like it. I've got it on a marathon training program now, and it's going well. I've never been able to do intervals on the road before, but the app is helping me get there.


You can do too much running though which will ultimately burn you out

You need to do just enough in training and have enough left for the event. Hence the plan. heaven knows, the plan is hard enough without doing any more πŸ™‚

The training takes months so it's a long old haul

Good luck πŸ˜ƒ On that note I am headed out for another 12k. It's windy out but not raining at the minute. Yeeeeeeeeha! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ


Well done. That certainly is a great time. You've got plenty of time to think about a full marathon next year and don't need to commit yet. Try and slide in another couple of HMs in the next few months and then, if you still want to go for a full marathon, start at upping your milage in 6 months or so's time. Personally, I know that I'm too old for a full marathon now. My body (as in skeletal frame) won't take the training so the HM is probably my limit.

The alternative approach is, of course, to enter and then hit it lucky in the London Marathon ballot. Then you'll just have to run (I have a friend who managed that: she went out to celebrate completing C25K and put her name in the ballot after a long night in the pub - it was a bit of a shock when she got the acceptance letter, but she trained and completed the run which meant under a year from starting C25K before completing her first marathon).

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Great HM time. If I can do that on Sunday, I'll be over the moon.

I'm not considering a full marathon yet, might never do one, but just out of curiosity- what is it about My Asics that you detest? I rather like the HM plan it came up with for me, even though it wants be to run sloooowly!


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