1st eylea inj done, sight improved already!

Hi all. Was waiting on eylea appt after review last week but a rapid deterioration in vision overnight led me to call my clinic and I had inj yesterday.

Today the big grey area has gone! So pleased and cautiously hopeful .

Also good is that I've been told I can use my Hylotear drops immediately ("the sooner the better,") which has helped enormously. Wish my clinic could get hold of the old anaesthetic again though, whatever they're using lately stings even before the iodine lol.

Eye's been a bit sore today but manageable with paracetamol and the Hylotear, roll on the next 2 inj then we shall see! Ha ha x

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  • Hi eyesright. Great to hear your sight has improved after the injection. I went back to the hospital 2 weeks ago as an emergency when my sight deteriorated drastically and was told i may have a blood vessel forming but that it looked stable and to come back in 3 weeks. After a further deterioration last week i went back yesterday and again today when i had another Fluorescein angiography and was told I have CNV. I am going for my first Lucentis injection on Monday. I too have a grey area which obscures most of my central vision.

    Realising I couldn't read any of the chart with that eye when i could read most of it 3 weeks ago caused a few tears. I am so hoping this will improve after the injection and reading your post has made me feel even more hopeful. I hope your sight continues to improve.

  • Thanks. Best of luck to you too. I have had 19 Lucentis inj with mixed results (sometimes improvement, sometimes worse) hence them moving me to eylea. My grey area was the worse I've had but completely gone now (just a bit of distortion on the amsler). So keep positive x

  • Hello eyesright

    You certainly have had your share of eye problems. I am so sorry to hear that it seems never ending for you. I hope eylea will do the trick for you. Sending you a big hug. x

  • Thanks x had a weird message last night, seems my dad has a potentially fatal heart condition caused by a faulty gene that's hereditary so his kids have to be tested as 50/50 chance of us having it too.

    There are 4 of us kids left, not good odds!- I'm anxious mostly for my little (half) sister as she has 2 young children. So, something other than my eye to think about !!

    Hey ho, at least the frost looks nice in my garden, better get out there with the bird food x

  • So sorry to hear that. It never rains but pours, doesn't it, eyesright!!! I am sure all these shocks are sent to us to test our resiliance. But somehow we get by in the end - we always do! And there is also a 50% chance that your and your siblings don't have it. Hope the tests turn out favourably.

    I would suggest though that you mention this to the eye Clinic (if you remember the possible side effects of eylea and lucentis.

    Yes, go and feed the birds - they have a tough time too. xx

  • get tested ..pre warned at least love .....xxx

  • So sad for you eyes right hugs from squinty xx

  • I mean eyesright xx

  • I'm not the only one going through complete and utter hell

  • Oh I can't compare my situation to yours x my heart goes out to you x all I can say is try to live in the moment - take every last bit of pleasure out of each and every day, Be greedy!

  • Oh squinty, few of us are coming close to feeling what you must do. I have heard the word "cancer" thrown at me in the past but my prognosis was more positive, so I can only emphacise with you to some very small extent. I remember feeling very very alone. Keep posting when you can. I always look for a word from you on the forum. I am not a religious person but I'll say it anyway: "Bless you, Sweetheart!

  • Good Morning Eyesright, glad to hear of a cautiously positive step forward.

    It's a snowy one here!

    Kind Regards

    The Smilers

  • If you experience discomfort ask the clinic if they can use a different anaesthetic. Most will have at least two options.

  • Not mine I'm afraid. Never mind, if the eylea works I won't be having too much more!

  • That is extraordinary, it is well documented that some anaesthetics can have allergic reactions for a few patients and so an alternative is normally on hand for that reason alone. Certainly, my clinic has two ready at all times and depending on the response to the allergy question can call on others.

    Hopefully, the Eylea will work and you will not need to worry.

  • Sorry, meant to say it's not offered unless there is an actual allergy situation.

    Probably a cost issue (my trust has been in the red for some time).

  • so pleased for you Eyesright hope it keeps improving :) xx

  • Hi eyesright, it's so good to hear that you are progressing - I have had 2 Eylea injections but I know my sight has deteriorated and I can't see my surgeon until the 26 th which will be about time to have my 3 rd one - then he will do all the tests. Can I ask - what are Hylotear drops? X


  • Hi Jan, they are just moisturizing drops. 0.1% sodium hyaluronate . They are thicker than others I had and seem better to me in the cold weather. Also they are preservative & phosphate free, come in a bottle you push the base down (so no squeezing) & the bottle once opened lasts 6 months before you have to discard it ( although I open new one after each inj). I get mine on repeat prescription.

    Good luck for the 26th x

  • Thank you x I actually was able to bring my appointment forward to today but it's as I feared - I have new blood vessels leaking into both eyes, so I have to carry on with 2 more Eylea injections but I also have to make an appointment to go to Lisbon at the end of March to see the surgeon at the International Retina hospital for PDT treatment. I'm scared as it sounds so awful, have you had this treatment and if so was it ok and did it help? Sorry to bombard you with questions as you have enough troubles of your own. Xx

  • Hi Jan, no I don't know about pdt sorry (hoping I don't have to find out either!). So sorry you have more bleeds I know how crushing it is when they say, even though we might suspect it.

    All I can say is keep the big picture in mind - we are having all this awful treatment to give us more time (however short) to see amazing sunsets and sunrises xxxx

    Saw a quote today - "worrying doesn't make tomorrow better, it just spoils today" - given we have a limited number of tomorrows I'm determined to not spoil my today.

    Re the pdt, maybe you should make a new post and ask, it might get seen by lots more people to get you the info?

    Keep your chin up xx

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