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Update eyelea 4th inj done

Hi guys, just had my 4th eyelea inj. Dr hit a blood vessel so eye has bled . Because I forgot and took my aspirin this morning it has bled quite a bit, showing on the tissue a bit an hour later - my fault!

I'm so relieved it's done. Can go on hols now and relax and hopefully will be able to read by the pool (sight got bad over the last week).

Fingers crossed for everyone x

Not sure when next review will be but I'll report in when I know more.

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sounds good- well done and enjoy your holiday!!

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Hope you have a wonderful holiday, eyesright, and lots of glorious sunshine. Don't forget your sun glasses. x

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Inj working already yippee!


Eyesright/ I have a question please? Why do you take Asprin? I have read so many times that people with AMD should always avoid Ibuprofen and Asprin as these drugs encourage bleeds. And are definitely not a good idea for AMD because of the blood vessel growth in the eyes. I was wondering if you have been told differently.

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Hi Caroline, I don't have amd.

I had brvo , basically a stroke in the eye, with macular oedema which has persisted.

The aspirin along with other drugs is prescribed for a separate condition which could cause a worse event so I'm between a rock and a hard place!

So I compromise and don't take the aspirin every day.

Hope this makes sense now x


Thank you for explaining. What a struggle for you. I am pleased the injections help

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Hi Eyesright, we hope you had a good holiday and that time away gave you a real boost.

Just wanted to keep you up to date with Mr S's progress as fellow suffers of BRVO. At a previous review, opaqueness was still present, although all but 2 letters on the sight test! The Consultant confirmed an injection was very likely at the next appointment due to the ongoing bleed. A new doctor was seen at the next appointment and an emergency Fluorescein Angiography was prescribed. That was fine, no feedback was given but following review of the test by the main Consultant, a usual follow up appointment at 2 months rather than 3 has been sent. They don't know why there is a continuing leak but are reluctant to try laser treatment, as is Mr S and so we wait.

Since the original near total sight loss and the subsequent 4 Eylea injections (3 in Yr 1 and 1 in Yr 2) we have concentrated on improving our reading and activity lighting, also have changed to reactalite glasses. Both have made a huge different. The nightmare caused by fluorescent lighting continues!

Onward with our individual journeys,

Best Wishes

The Smilers


Thanks for sharing, sorry to hear Mr S has a continuing bleed, hopefully the next inj will sort it.

As you know, I'm in the same boat. Got my review after 4eyelea on the 28th - so far seems ok to me but I'm coming up to 7weeks since inj and that's when it usually starts to fail.

My consultant has said if inj don't work then I have to have a steroid implant in eye - have they offered that to Mr S? The idea freaks me out !

I understand reluctance for laser as causes scarring itself (and for me oedema too close to fovea).

Hey ho, all we can do is keep breathing and putting one foot in front of the other. I have been managing my stress levels by writing a novel - one of my characters has just explained healing another's md using pluripotent stem cells (as per trial currently in Japan ) - one day there will be a fix for brvo!

Keep smiling Smilers xxx


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