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Injection 16 went well

Hi all, had my 16th inj on weds (last of the latest set of 3). A new team so was a bit nervous and told them so but it all went very well - one of the best in fact !

My clinic now give lubricating drops after the inj and it really seems to help . Still using the Timolol drops for the pressure but of course can't use the dry eyes drops for a few days so the ones at the clinic have been a godsend.

I don't know if it's my imagination but I do feel the left eye is "bigger" first thing in the morning and again in the evening before I use the Timolol drops. Anyone else with raised IOP get this?

I am going to mention it at next review in Sept and also check 're taking aspirin. Will post what Dr says.

Enjoy the summer x

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Good morning eyesright, glad to hear that your injection went well. I've never had injections as it is dry amd I have, but I can imagine you would get quite anxious about them. So glad everything was ok. Wishing you well. Take care 😊


Thanks Sal2 x


Hi there I have primary angle closure and am on 2 kinds of drops I don't get this feeling but I think pressure does def vary during the day so probably worth the ask. Is it Eylea u are on?


Hi tallyho. I'm on Lucentis although nurse did ask last time if they had spoken to me about changing (think it depends how next review goes and how well I've managed my stress levels. Dr did say she can see the lucentis works for me but then it gets negated by other factors).


Glad to hear injection went well. x

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Thanks angelah. X


How is you're vision?


Got a bit of eyestrain due to reading too much but feel like I have to read while I can ! Work is also vision intensive. Had some double vision last week but amsler grid no change.

To be honest I don't think about it as have had a rollercoaster journey with some nasty surprises. I just wait for next review.

I do feel generally I have a week or so of improvement but then a downturn.However, am on drops now for raised IOP so that might help plus have taken steps to reduce stress.

I will post update after review in Sept.


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