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Update injection 17 what a hoot!

Hi all, feeling positive today although in a bit of pain.

Turned up yesterday only to see on clinic door the name of the Dr I refuse to see! She was covering for someone else. As I was desperate for the inj asap I went ahead and managed to stay calm. Dr was very nice to me (don't know if she didn't realise it was me or if she has improved her attitude lol).

Inj was ok but she hit a blood vessel . She was worried as it wouldn't stop bleeding, even the tissue she wiped my eye with was pink. She was so apologetic I felt sorry for her. Not her fault it happened and I told herit was fine. So I will have a "demon eye" for 3 weeks, shame it will be clear before Halloween lol x

She said it would be sore and it has been but not too bad. Just taken paracetamol which has helped (plus a big bar of choc which helped even more ha ha).

I'm pleased that I got through seeing her without any panic and am thinking about lifting my embargo, one less stress to deal with?

Is not sure why my post has been tagged inappropriately.

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So glad you got your injection over with eyesright; it's always such a relief and I'm also pleased the doctor you had was better with you this time around even if you did get the devil eye! It sounds very impressive and I'm sure you will startle a few unwary onlookers.

After my appointment on Monday I called the hospital today to find out when my appointments for Lucentis injections (both eyes now, one week apart) are going to be. I was told there is now a waiting list because demand for injections exceeds the rate at which they can treat us. When you think of how quickly scarring occurs I am simply horrified! The secretary wouldn't be pressed on how long the wait would be, only that there would be one and that I had not been marked by the doctor as being any more urgent than everyone else! I'm sure she was sick and tired of having the same conversation over and over again but what a cheeky madam; I wonder how patient she would be if it was her eyesight that was at risk! She said she was just booking people in who had been to clinic in the middle of September. Now I reckon we're ALL urgent and I know they are a skilled and dedicated team who are doing their very best with limited resources, but when there was no waiting list it used to be about a fortnight between a clinic visit and an injection. That sounds like a 4/5 week wait now for my one eye and a 5/6 week wait for the other and I was told in clinic that there was a lot of oedema in the second eye. If they go on at this rate we'll all be losing vision during the wait for treatment and it is simply heartbreaking to be put through this ordeal only to find my vision is likely to deteriorate because an effective treatment is delayed. Has anyone else had this difficulty or is it just in my area? x

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Kalahuchi, that sounds a long wait. Suggest you call the Mac Soc for their advice.

It does seem that clinics are overwhelmed with us all . I don't know who prioritises funding but I agree any sight related issue is urgent and if an inj has been deemed necessary then it is very urgent. The potential consequences speak for themselves (inc the burden on society ).

It is worrying and frustrating to have to wait and I'm sorry you are going through it esp with both eyes affected. I would have thought that alone would put you high up on the list.

Hopefully the Mac Soc can advise you, best of luck xxx


Ps why can't they do both eyes at same time? I'm sure someone else on here has that.

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Good Morning All

I go to a mobile clinic in the car park of Trafford general hospital Manchester. They do both eyes at the same time, takes longer than usual probably 30 mins, but they do a lot of them


Oh kalahuchi, what a shame that you are having to wait and you are absolutely right that a delay can increase the danger of scarring - I am a case in point! At my clinic, appointments within 6 weeks are given as you leave but over that, they come by post and since moving to 3 monthly intervals, I always have to phone and ask about them and invariably get told that I will have a longer wait due to amount of patients. As my scarred eye can no longer be treated by injection, I am now on six monthly appointments(!) and have been told it will be at least 7or 8 months! I am fortunate that the optometrist at my optician's has been seeing me every second month (due to my ever changing prescription) and her scanning machine is actually more up-to-date than the hospital's one. You are right to query and question as much as possible. Best of luck and take care X

(PS I sometimes wonder if we need a lobbying group to put some pressure on the powers that be - effective treatments are being delayed with disastrous consequences for the individuals concerned.)

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Kalahuchi I have had this happen. It is an ever present problem where we need short-dated appointments. You need to be pro-active especially with the NHS. Ring the docs secretary and ask for an appointment explaining that without it you will go blind. In my case failure to stick to a rigid 4 week régime means that I lose vision and, if I am lucky, it takes 2-3 further injections to get back to where I started from. On occasion my vision has dropped away and not been regained.


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