Hi everyone i posted here in OCT last year about the "drape" , it felt like it was ripped off, it has left me with what looks like a lazy eye, also when they "dot" the eye, i felt it once so had more anaesthetic, i had awful pain and swollen red eye for 3 mths ...i asked 3 docs and consultant if it was infected and unbelievably they didnt know so told me to see my GP....anyway it turned out it was infected and they continued tp inject ...3 times in all ...GP gave me weeks course (2000mg 4 times daily ....it cleared up but still left with droopy eyelid ...finally saw different consultant who was sympathetic and wrote in my notes ...more care needed .....he himself did last inj and what a difference ...no pain when dotting ..no pressure ..no air bubbles!!! i might add ..i have had 18 eylea inj in left eye no problem ...this was in right eye i last 3 mths with 3 new doc s assistants who were all heavy handed .....

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  • Hello so sorry to hear of your bad experiences. When my Consultant did my first few injections a few years ago I had no problems but like you have had bad times with the Assistants.

    Some seem more heavy handed than others so I have got used to which ones will be & have a quiet word with them before they start. Often helps so may be worth talking to them first.

    Hope it gets easier for you, sending a hug as we all need them 😊

  • Thanks Cormorin ...as im sure we are all grateful for this treatment ....heavy handed and eyes shouldnt be in same sentence ...although it was my GP sorted me out with antibiotics ....i questioned 3 docs and 2 consultants ...i think its in my notes now ...so we will see :) ...but my droopy eyelid is here to stay ...perhaps it will be a good reminder what they have done :) ((((")))) xx

  • Hi jnan, that's terrible your eye clinic shpuldve swabbed your eye and sent to the lab (I know because I work in my hospitals lab). Eye infection can be very dangerous and should be dealt with promptly. Glad you at least got treatment eventually.

    I think some of the problem is people not having swabbed before and so reluctant to do it - I had this with my foot after nail surgery and had to insist and the girl eventually confessed she didn't know how and had to get someone else to do it! Maybe if we all mention it when they give us questionnaires they might add it to the training.

  • Thanks for reply and giving me some knowledge ..i was told by one other consultant when i tried to show him my eye ...."i hope your not talking damage.nonono.no damage talk" he didnt even want to look at my eye ...but my hubby showed him pics on phone ...the swelling on upper and lower lids was really bad ...and still wanted to inject !!! its no wonder we have no faith x

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