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Been to Opticians - now referred to consultant

Hi Everyone

I am a 47 year old computer teacher, who today went for an eye test as I fancied some new frames and was only 5 months away from a schedule eye test anyway - to be told I could have macular something or other in my right eye.

Basically I have felt that my eyes have got worse over the past few months, but I put it down to my varifocals and that my eyes had adjusted to them - so that when I did'nt have them on I found any wording a little more difficult to focus on or had a blurred edge too it.

The optician tried to sort my prescription out, then did the light test and kept coming back to my right eye all the time. She then gave me a little white card with a grid on it to look at. My left eye showed all the grid lines were straight, but my right eye showed the lines curving.

Then she said I have to see a consultant within 2 weeks and gave me a letter for my gp that said urgent and that was it.

Have got to say its worrying me sick and it has'nt helped searching the internet for information (unfortunately that a computer teacher for you).

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Can you all drive ok? I need my car for my job and this really is worrying me.

Sorry about the monologue - I am just worried.

Thank you for listening

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Something similar happened to me in my late fifties. Blurred vision in my left eye. I too was desperately worried and the ten weeks before I saw a specialist clinic was very difficult. In the end it turned out I have something called myopic macular degeneration, and I'm told it is unlikely to affect the second eye. So seven years on I am still able to drive, work full-time (using computers a lot) and get my eyes checked once a year at my local opticians. I also check both eyes on the the Amsler chart about once a month, just in case. Most of my colleagues aren't aware that I have any problems with my sight. Obviously you'll need to talk through your diagnosis with your consultant. Can you take someone with you as it is often hard to take in everything when you are worried and under stress? Good luck.


Hi tigra 1965,

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with wet macular in my right eye and dry macular in the left. Yes it is worrying when you have never heard of this before. I hadn't and thought this is for older people not a 50 year old. Yes you will still be able to drive. The optician I have is brilliant he arranged for me to see the consultant within 2 weeks, I then had the first of three injections, 1 every month. Then you go for a scan every month. Some people will only have those three injections and it sorts the eye, some like me have to have one most months, it all depends. Please dont worry, if you have to have injections it does not hurt its just uncomfortable.

Good luck



Hi Tigra 1965,

I am slightly concerned that your optician said it was 'urgent'. If this is the case you may have the start of 'wet' macular degeneration (MD) which must be treated quickly. I suggest that you get in touch with your optician again to see if this is the case.

For cases of suspected 'wet' MD you should be 'fast tracked' to a hospital eye unit for tests which ideally should be carried out within 7 days. A referral via a GP should not be made as this only slows up the process. These are Royal College of Ophthalmology guidelines.

Please see the Macular Society information booklet on 'Treatments' at the following link;

If the optician thinks you have the start of dry MD then there is no urgency.

Driving is OK as only one of your eyes appears to have been affected; there is an information booklet on the subject at the link above.

You may find it helpful to call the Macular Society Helpline on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Best wishes


Macular Society


Hi Everyone and thank you for your prompt replies. I now have an appointment for the 21st March - which will be about 10 days after seeing the optician. She has not said which it is - but just kept going on about the macular and a crescent shaped something or other. To be honest and of course its not her fault - she was a foreign optician and spoke very fast so I did not fully understand what she was saying - only that it was urgent I was seen. So I will see what next week brings me. But I sincerely thank you for all your replies, as they did calm me down.


Similar to your storey, I had a shock when I was told by my optician that I had wet MD in my right eye & dry MD in the left eye. I was fast tracked & had my first injection two weeks ago, the injections don't hurt & is over before you know it. I need to have two more injections and than it depends on how the eye behave & further injections to be taken as required.

I also take 'viteyes' Viteyes II capsules to stop dry MD turning into wet MD.

Injection treatments are there & we should all be leading normal lives including driving.

I work a lot on the computer & I don't feel anything different.

I hope this was a help.



Hi tigra

I sympathise with how you feel since I had a shock too, two years ago. When you mention having an appointment I do hope it is at the eye clinic and not simnply with your GP. If it turns out to be the wet type and affects only one eye, like me, you will be treated rapidly in order to contain the degeneration and maybe even improve it. It should not make too much difference to your daily life, though I would recommend taking the Macular Society advice about good lighting when reading, cooking, etc., and about protecting your eyes from sunlight; they have lots of useful leaflets. They are a great support to many of us and maybe you would find a local branch to join?? Good luck.



Hi Tigra,

I was 45 when I noticed a change in my vision. Like you I knew something wasn't quite right but it was only when they showed me the amsler grid I could see that the problem was with my right eye... I could see bent lines

If your optician doesn't have a OCT scanner, then you can expect to have your eyes photographed and then scanned - nothing intrustive. The OCT scan is like an MRI scan and gives them a full picture of where the problem lies.

As others have said it then depends on what the problem is... At this stage it's best to stay calm and wait for the diagnosis. If it's only affecting one eye there's no need to tell the DVLA.

Hope all goes well on 21st, please let us know how you get on



Hi Tigra

I seem to be in a similar situation...I am 42 and before last month had never had a problem with my eyesight, however in the last few weeks I began noticing that people's faces on the tv looked distorted around the right eye. I went to the optician last Monday and had an eye test done and was told my eyesight was ok but he was going to send a letter to my gp to get me referred to the eye hospital. He never mentioned any macular problems, but gave me an amsler grid and said to check it every day and to call him back if any of the lines become wavy etc.

I checked the grid the following day and found that the lines were wavy so I called him back and was told to go straight to a&e which totally freaked me out. Went to a&e but there was nothing they could do as they didn't have the right equipment and they arranged an appointment for me at the eye department the following morning.

Had some tests at the eye hospital and was told I have something called vitelliform macular lesions and that I would need to come back in 2 to 3 weeks.

I left the eye hospital feeling very confused and have now scared myself to death googling and searching the Internet, hardly slept or eaten all week.

I am seeing a consultant on 4th April so will hopefully know more then. However my eyesight has deteriorated rapidly in the past week, straight lines are wavy and people's faces standing more than 2 feet away from me are very distorted. Am very scared!

Hope everything goes ok for you at your appointment, let me know how it goes x


To be honest I had noticed a blurring when watching television - especially the wording. I will be glad when I see them tomorrow to be truthful, as it is worrying me. I will definately update on what happens xx



I m 38 and my story si vero similar to yours.

I Was diagnosed for pseudovitelliform

How is your sight today? they say vitelliform are not so bad like other disease.

Please let me know, i m very scared.


Dear Antonio79,

Just to make you aware, the impact of the diagnosis of any eye condition and indeed any stage in the process is generally compared to experiencing bereavement. Individuals frequently go through very similar feelings and responses and in no set order. We do have a free telephone counselling service. Please contact us for further details if this is of interest. We need the individual’s verbal consent in order to be able to refer them. It takes a counsellor a maximum of a week to make the initial call. Our counsellors are fully trained and the majority have sight loss themselves. Sessions consist of approximately 6 of around 45-50 minutes each. I am copying a link to our booklet on Emotional impact:

If you live outside the UK it still may be possible to arrange counselling for you. Please contact us if this is of potential interest, or if you would just like to chat.

The Macular Society helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Alternately, you can contact us via:

Kind regards,


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