Antibiotics and SLE Lupus

Hi there, I have been suffering with a bad cold now for two weeks. Was wondering whether its worth getting an antibiotic??Are antibiotics effective when one has Lupus? The reason for my question is that im under the impression that we should not take suppliments that build the immune system as then our bodies have to fight even harder than they already are?

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  • I did due to a chest infection and they worked.I got so bad with a virus a week or so ago.Had to go to a&e,doctor prescribed ,said I was saver to take them and rest at home rather than be admitted,get some if you can.good luck

  • Thanks a mil.Appreciate your feedback. Take care

  • I have had to help fight off infections with the help of antibiotics as our bodies no longer do that function for us.The meds l take suppress our immune system - that way stopping the Lupus activity being able to attack our joints and organs, and causing further damage.. Hope your feeling better soon :)

  • Thank you for your feedback. Looks like i must go get an antobiotic before i get worse as im not getting better but worse. Take care. :-)

  • If it is just a cold then antibiotics won't help. However if it has turned ton an infection then your doctor should prescribe some. Best to get checked out to be on the safe side.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Thank you for your feedback. I am going to see my GP today. Have a super day and take care

  • Think tiredmum is right, our surgery has a big notice up saying antibiotics won't be prescribed for a cold as they don't work on cold viruses. However, they also say that if it goes on for 10-14 days to make an appointment as it could be developing into an infection of some description. Know us Lupies are meant to avoid colds etc. (ha ha) and probably need more help, but the only thing it seems one can do to help prevent catching one or any other virus is regular hand washing and not touching nose, mouth etc when you have been close to someone who has one or where you may have touched surfaces that they have. No wonder the nasty little bugs spread so quickly! Hope you get on well this afternoon and soon feel better.

  • Yes you are correct. I carry Detol wet wipes in my bag, not that im parenoid, but these darn bugs! are everywhere! Thanks a mil and take care.

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