Iam having fits my body keeps twitching and my legs keep giving away 6weeks I ended up in hospital as I knocked myself out and ended up in Resus I got appointment to see a the neourujuist that in July but the fits are getting worse and i phoned my gp but he can't phone until Friday iam scared I keep telling my gp there is something wrong with me dose anyone else have fits like this please help sorry for my spelling mistakes x

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  • My daughter has similar strange seizure things and she has a diagnosis of SLE Lupus, and also Hughes Syndrome. MF x

  • I wrote the blog went to Asda to do shopping and ended up fitting. In Asda they was no first aiders the police was great and called an ambulance now iam in hospital again I just wished they would do something about it x

  • That must have been so frightening for you. I hope now that you are in hospital that they will do something about it x

  • Iam out of. Hospital and they said there nothing they can do and they let me go home and I have to wait till I speak to my gp on Friday it upto my gp for him to contact the hospital every time I fit I get knocked out and I can't remeber what happen i scared I don't come around or iam on my own

  • I hope this gets sorted very soon as it is worrying for you if you are left alone.

  • Have they not put you on medication for it. I have epilepsy, short spells only, have you been on the epilepsy site on here they may have some answers

    Good luck

  • Hiya all, sorry to hear of these troubles! I started having extreme dizziness and in the last month I have collapsed now several times and am really concerned about whats causing these episodes! Waiting for an MRI apt as set up by my Rhuemie :( ! No fits for me but these events r getting more frequent!

    Also my 3 year old daughter has had 2 seizures, the last 1 @ nursery & 6 mins long ... she has fatigue and wobbly episodes ... seeing her consultant 1st may to get her MRI and other test results ... so worrying!

    Hope u all have a good day X

  • That's awful you will have to be very forceful with your gp on Friday and if you can take someone with you when you see him. Also I do think you would need to have someone with you 24/ 7 now. Please be careful don't be on your own let us know how you get on.

  • I got phone call from my gp today. And he said that I have to get a scan on my brain to make sure the. Electricle wires work in my brain box the gp still waiting to hear from the neurologist about the tablets they want to put me on iam scared case what they mite find wrong with me all I want to do is stAy in my bed all the time xx

  • I collapsed in a supermarket several years back. I was unconscious and taken to my local A&E. At the time they did tests for epilepsy (EEG) which did not show anything.

    I have since read that the lighting spectrum used in supermarkets can cause something like an epileptic attack.

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