Fits ????????????

Well,i'm hoping this makes sense to some of you !

This morning , while laying in bed , i felt aware of my head moving ,but not in control atall ,like i was an observer !? of my movements .

My eyes were closed and when it had finished , i felt a headache ? pressure ? just above my eyes.

I am wondering if this was some sort of fit !? its not happened before ? i was only aware of my head moving !

Hope someone out there can give me some insight, its very hard to explain !

Thankyou x

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  • Hi Larissa, I think you should contact your Doc for an urgent appointment and get checked out.You may need to get some tests like an eeg (tracing of your brain waves ) and a brain scan. Hope you are taking things easy. Best Wishes ,


  • Thankyou , i think i will go tomorrow now.

    I forgot to say , i have fibro , MCTD, and Sjogrens ! I havent actually been diagnosed with Lupus but i think i should go to my doctors even if its just to put my mind at rest x

  • Hi Larissa, l agree with lupylucy, my sister also read your question and said her daughter had the same things happen to her before she was diagnosed with Epilepsy , might not be that but need to see a Dr to check things out. Take care. :)

  • Yes i definately need to go . Also , i just thought of times ( about 3 ) when i havent been able to move or open my eyes but i put it down to sleep paralisis ! I wonder if this is connected in any way ? x

  • It could well be, write a list of it all down and tell your Dr all of these things asap, hope all goes well, keep us posted.

  • Thankyou x

  • Your welcome and try not to worry x

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