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Anyone else get the sensation as if room spinning even when sat still?


Currently feel like the room is spinning round and starting to feel nauseous from it. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions on things to alleviate this?

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Hi there. This sounds like you have the same virus that my daughter and I have. I have Lupus, she hasn't - and it is just an infection. No cure, just time unfortunately. Am now on day six and dizziness is easier but still around. Nausea has gone. Take it easy and get well soon.

Thats a classic sign of vertigo.

I had that when I lost my hearing. But it can just be triggered by a virus or sometimes be a side effect of drugs.

It is not something to dismiss and if it is severe you should make doctors aware.

Hi jenniep85

May I ask how long you have been suffering from this ? Does it happen when you do something or can it happen when you are sitting still ? It could be a virus or an ear / balance problem . I had symptoms similar to this and it turned out to be caused by my APS . Worth checking with your doctors if it continues. I hope you feel better today- take things easy and enjoy your day.

Sounds like classic Vertigo to me. I have had vertigo for years even before Lupus was diagnosed. I had it as a stand alone illness and went to doc who prescribed a month of tablets and it went. I had it a further two times the same thing. I went on a holiday and flew not knowing it can bring on vertigo, by the end of the first night it had started and I went the whole 4 days then home where the return flight made it worse. Visited the doc who said its the hight that caused the middle ear to react and told me to take tablets for a week before, during the holiday and a week after the flights.

Anyway I was diagnosed with Lupus and the vertigo returned and now knowing the symptoms I went to the doc, took the tablets again extended to a month and no help. Seems Lupus can cause vertigo and I'm stuck with it. I take tablets to combat the symptoms and touch wood most of the time I'm ok. Domperidone is the tablet most docs seem to start with and then go to others if it doesn't help.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

Labrynthitis can cause the same sensation as can fluid in the inner ear best to get it checked by your GP

Horrible I had this although everyone is right with the above, mine didn't improve and was put on a drug call Betahistine. Now really good unless I forget to take it

Hope you feel better soon

I have had this for some time, started topping up my methotrexate with steroids and it seems to have improved but really weird when it happens. Ended up having a ct scan as I was struggling to measure spatial awareness. It feels like it is an extra layer of fatigue but other thoughts that I have had are adrenal fatigue, APS, brain involvement but unlikely ..... Seeing my rheumy in may so will attempt to discuss it with him but not always very successful at articulating my issues as he unnerves me ;-)

Hope that you feel better soon


I had several attacks of vertigo last year, & suffer with intermittent dizziness & tinnitus. There are many causes of this unrelated to lupus. But as others have already said, it could be part of your lupus, so it needs to be checked out to be on the safe side.

Take care & best wishes. X

I have CNS Lupus and get like this when overtired and stressed... so most days then :)

Hi, Thank you for all your responses.

I have been noticing this on an off for a few weeks, seems to be worse when fatigue and brain fog issues are also worse. Seemed to start as the dose of Hydroxichloroquine I am on was reduced also but hopefully could just be a bug I've picked up and will pass soon or suppose will be back to the doctors AGAIN :-(

Thanks again :-)

Vertigo, and not a lot of laughs.

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