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Costocondroitis - does anyone else have this and get sharp pains when lying down?

I've suffered with pains in left rib area for nearly two years, x-rays, tests etc showed nothing, when I read about costo I discussed with my GP, on exam she confirmed it is this. My question is to those who also have this condition as despite finding new ways to sit/lie to aid comfort, it I lay on that side (inadvertently whilst sleeping) I awake with sharp pains under the ribs, almost as if my lung below my ribs is pressing against my ribs - it feels swollen and causes a lot of pain when inhaling/relieved on exhaling?

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I've had collapsed lungs in the past, but if they self inflate themselves they don't always pick it up on an x-ray, just a thought, you normally get pains over your shoulder with collapsed lung as well as lower down, might help good luck


Thanks happyday, sounds painful for you, hope it doesn't cause you problems in the future. I do get pains over my shoulder, but not always at the same time.

Take care


Hi, i also get this pain in one side exactly how you have drescribed. I always mention this to GP and he thinks its my mixed connective disease causing it. It feels like a burning, stabbing pain and xrays etc show nothing. I havent mentioned to Rhemmie as i just thought no point, but it definately sounds like Costo. Taking anti-inflammtorys seem to help. Glad to know im not alone with this, Happy Easter.


Hi Sophie, it's worth mentioning, even if it's just for your piece of mind. I can't always settle if I don't know what is causing a problem, and an explanation usually puts my mind at rest. Which is probably a good thing as no treatment offered, merely told - yes it's costo and yes caused by SLE. But like I said it is better than not knowing

All the best to you,

happy easter.


Hi slowmo, I had pain in my ribs for awhile but it does not sound as severe as yours. I found it helpful to sleep with a pillow under my arm when I fell asleep on my side as it lifted my chest and seemed to ease the pain a little.

I don't know if you can afford it but have you looked into a tempur mattress? I have one and they are designed to relive the pressure points when you sleep the positive effect is that you tend to move less during the night. Sometimes I have woken up in the same position I fell asleep in. Some places offer a discount for disability but its been awhile since I bought mine. Might be worth a look if you can afford it?


I have costo and the same problems as you. I find it one of my most painful symptoms actually. I have not found a good way to relief it yet other thsn heat and a supportive mattress. I dont want to ramp up painkillers. I dont think docs realise how sore it is for us. I have been admitted with a suspected heart attack which turned out to be a severe attack of it. The joys of lupus.....


Thanks Twist and Sarah, maybe i'll look into investing in one of those mattresses that sound great.

Poor Sarah, I know how awful the pain can be and really feel for you, being admitted with suspected cardiac problems evidences how bad the pain can be. And, I agree with you, it is underestimated, not sure people know how awful it is.

Take care both.


hi guys, never muck around with chest pains, funily thats what lead me towards a diagnosis with lupus. i have had on and off chest pain for years and like sarahheney have been admitted so many times with ? cardiac, now thought to be viral pericarditis and costocondritis. its so painfull, but always get it checked out, better to know than worry about it, take care.


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