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Anyone get severely dizzy when stressed

Could something as small as paying bills when you dont have enough money put you into a dizzy spell? I was dizzy all day, but it got worse when I payed some bills. Ugh! Went and layed down to alleviate. Got a little better. Wonder if I am anemic at the moment?

Sometimes its so bad, I cant move around without hurting myself. Walked into things all day. Maybe I am coming down with a bug. Just ate a bloody burger. Maybe that will help.

And my arms were shaky all day. Low muscle tone.

Cant figure a way to lower my stress. 2 more years of high school for my girls, and then we can move to a nice outdoorsy place with fresh air and lower property taxes. I hope I make it.

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Absolutely. Anything that raises my cortisol level, gives me a dizzy spell that makes me teeter, and even have to sit. Breath is important. Relaxed breath, and focus. It's quite inconvenient for me. Sometimes, even a positive stress like preparing for a performance, can trigger a severe dizzy spell. Arguements, crowded subway car rides, any stress.

Hang in tbere. The country will help, but get help with the move, or you will be felled.

My thoughts are with you.


Thank you Casimir. Its awful. I have already been dizzy the past 2 days. I was thinking about how hard it is going to be for me to move. I am certainly going to need help. My husband is having memory problems too right now. We are both a mess. Thank you for the well wishes.

Hope you are doing ok with your diet. Mine worked well, but I had some trouble with the high fat diet bothering my liver. I had to use a heating pad on my liver to help things move. I still have some very tight muscle problems.


Hi Natura. I haven't posted to you for ages; I hope you are doing relatively ok, at least.

Yes, stress - negative or positive - can result in various physiological changes for me. Slight dizziness/change in the ways my eyes focus/ability to concentrate are key changes that can happen. Generally I need to sit or lie, drink some water. And, like Casimir, I find the breath to be very important - ensure I have not started to shallow breathe and that it is coming from the abdomen.

Of course, that doesn't mean you are not anaemic - that would exacerbate things I would imagine. Are your lips, inner eye lids (bottom) good and pink or pale?


Hi Mrs Mouse...i didnt look at that yesterday when I was really dizzy, all day. Today I am still not great, but my lips and eyelids are pink. A little light. I get really pale skin sometimes, and that is how I usually guess I am anemic. I didnt know about the eyes and lips. I do not have a dr., only emergency health ins, so I am sort of on my own with the help of this site. I should have known to look at that though. Makes sense. I did lie down for a bit. Helped a lot.

Woke up today with my back wreching in pain. Took a quick epsom salt bath, and the muscles loosened. I just drank a glass of stay calm too. I think my minerals are off.

I am still dizzy and feel pretty awful. Last time i was like this my ear was off.

I do have a tendency to hold my breath when I am stressed too from anxiety. I try to check my breathing throughout the day.

I lost me job from lack of work a couple of weeks ago. I was shaking when I got my stuff together and left. Maybe its a delayed reaction to that. I am looking for work and stressed about whether i can handle it or not.

Thank you fro responding.


I'm so sorry to hear about all you are going through. Perhaps the stress and upset is affecting things but, without getting a full blood count and ferritin level done it's hard to know what is what. I'm not really au fait with the system in the US - other than to know that I'm very grateful for the free care at the point of access we have here in the UK. Could you turn up to ER saying that you have been very dizzy/passing out and would that then mean they might do your bloods?

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Yes. I probably could go to ER. My daughter just said, mom, you are really pale. My ankles. What is done with anemia anyway? I am going to eat some spinach.


ER does sound like a good option. If you have a real issue, spinach isn't going to crack it!

In terms of what is done, I speak from experience here, having had non stop menstrual bleeding for several months prior to a hysterectomy. Iron infusions (given through a vein) help to bring things back to where they should be and, if things are really not good, here in the UK we get offered a blood transfusion. Which I took, on several occasions - almost instant difference i.e. done in the am, had a pm nap, woke up feeling and looking human again.

Do let me know how things go for you. Good wishes :)


I amso hesitant to getting help because my mom died from colitis, septis and liver damage. She was put on iron pills and i know too much iron isnt good either.

Just had some liverwurst...high in iron...still dizzy. I think you might be right about food not being enough.

I will see how I am feeling tomorrow.



Hi. I don't know about the risks of long term iron. But for occasional 'use', I don't think there should be an issue. As, if you are anaemic, then the cause should be established and addressed hopefully. Anyhow, don't know if it's of any use but giving the hyperlink to a document prepared by NHS Oxford hospitals re iron infusions which may be of some interest:


Thank you. I will take a look at tomorrow. As of now, my dizziness is lessened. Its always there in some form or another. I have been anemic before when I was pregnant with my daughter. I get bloodwork every 6 months because I have the clotting gene, but of course, its never when i am ghostly white or anemic. All in the timing with this disease.

Thank you for responding.


Great discussion natura....I've learned a lot thanks to mrsmouse's comments. I vvvv much hope your symptoms are settling down...and that you figure them out

My version of this is apparently mainly down to inner ear-related immune dysfunction is a link:

dizziness issues are fairly common amongst patients like us. And, typically in patients like us, inner ear issues often overlap with other common issues e.g. Dysautonomia, anemias, cardio stuff etc. We now know that this overlapping is characteristic of my version of dizziness too

I've been managing this predisposition to dizziness since got a lot worse in my v early 30s after deciding to remarry, 2 years after my first 7 year relationship broke up. I am certain the strain of making this decision & going through with remarrying was a factor in that flare. I spent months at home off work on the sofa or in bed weeping & sleeping the sofa unable to move about without hanging on to furniture, walls or whatever. This was back when my infant onset lupus diagnosis was lost. My hero husband was away working in the city during the week. Was so glad he didn't have to watch me struggling every day. My boss was v tolerant. Eventually, between the NHS & a really good homeopath, we got this damped down, but the predisposition remains...and I make a point of avoiding stress...and doing breathing control/mindfulness when I am stuck in stressful situations. Luckily for me, daily prednisolone + mycophenolate also are a great help in managing my version of this

I vvv much agree with everything mrsmouse has said about the way stress affects our symptomatolpgy generally.

Hope you'll let us know what your medics say

Take care natura


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Thank you Barnclown....I thought it could be an ear issue. Unfortuantely, I do not have health insurance that will cover a dr.

I am doing ok with the help of many on this site. The high iron food helped. It is just unfortunate when it comes out of nowhere.

I did have the stress of losing my job, but now I am able to heal and take care of myself better. My daughters stress me. My one daughter is in the autism spectrum and I worry terribly about her. I practiced that meditation, breathing this morning waiting 45 minutes for her to get dressed and out the door to school late. I had to drive her in. The breathing kept me calm, and my liver didnt start hurting, which is what happens usually when I get upset. I am struggling with depresson, but coloring to help me get through my day today.

Oh, could there be something in this ear issue that would affect my pain in my ear when I flew to Disney last year? I had so much pain in my left ear, I had to cup it to help with the pain. Thank God the plane started to descend. As soon as that happened the pain lessened. Obviously, cabin pressure doesnt work for me. I guess I cant fly anymore.

Thank you again for everyones input.

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I like the way you're thinking

Take care 🍀😘🍀😘

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