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Please,please anybody tell me what to do now

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my arms and legs are killing me I feel sick and sweating but no temperature. This started yesterday for no reason.funnybsesation in arms esp left leg side boob and surrounding side sore to touch.feels like I'm shaking inside arms and have upper body throb and sharp pains in biceps more left pain killers not working xany advice please x

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From your description I understand your panic, but you need to try to be calm for a second and ask yourself some rational questions. How bad is this? Do you need urgent treatment? Do you think you need to be admitted to hospital?? If this seems to be life threatening then you need to get to your nearest A and E. Otherwise, phone your GP first thing in the morning. I don't know what else to say - I have no medical training or expertise and I have no idea what's wrong with you.

I hope things calm down soon!

Take care, Letslaugh.

Sounds like a lupus flare to me. Before my diagnosis and subsequent treatment I used to have these up and down weird episodes but they went away once I started treatment. I agree with Maggie'a advice and I wd also say that you should write down the severity before you forget it and spk to your GP - your current diagnosis doesn't support these symptoms, so you need to make him re-evaluate. Take care x

totaly agree with what the guys have said, has the pain remained the same?, is the pain worse on movements? is the pain worse on breathing deeply? we can advise but in the end if you feel you need help either call gp service or ambulance, ambulance now provide a triage service so if you dont need to go to a/e they will deffo not take you but will get you the most appropriate help, good luck mark.

Ty guys for quick replies took more painkillers and a hot bath with radox feel a little better,no I don't think life threatening just sick of it all with no explanation of why .think aliens have stolen my real body for this piece of crap x

Ha ha, how much I agree. I woke up feeling pretty similar today, it sounds like it's probably lupus, keep up pain killers and get some sleep if possible. But if you're at all worried or think it's anything serious see a doctor straight away. Take care x

Never thought I'd ever say this but hooray for pain killers but don't I just k ow it when there wearing off x

I often have the feelings you describe although I find it hard to dedcribe the weird sensations and think you did well! According to most recent bloods lupus us not even active at moment but I have Fibromyalgia and Hughes so assume it is caused by one of those. Hope you feel better soon x

How long have u been diagnosed (or if u have!)/ or suffered lupus symptoms 4 lets?

The thing is, lupus isn't straight 4ward.

First we gotta learn how it affects us PERSONALLY, but even then it has a habit of messing with u.

I thought I knew all my personally signs & symptoms inside out but then, after 17 years, a whole new load of crap starts coming my way. After dealing with those added symptoms 4 the last 2 years (thinking I've now got THEM sussed), other little bits start chipping in 2 so now I have yet ANOTHER few bits 2 suss out!

My point is, lupus can mess around, play with u, trick u, present u with a WHOLE lot of new problems, no matter HOW LONG we've had it/been diagnosed etc

Unfortunately, only time will tell whether or not this is a new AI problem & if it's related 2 u're lupus & whether or not it is going 2 join in the medley of problems u already have & become a regular visitor.

Personally, if ever I start experiencing something new & unfamiliar, I'll have a little look about it on the net & if I'm not satisfied that it can b easily explained or is serious, my first port of call is 2 ring the GP. Of course, there is always this forum too.

What u describe could b from a number of things, from a totally un-lupus related virus or something, even heartburn, (ok, b4 every1 starts getting shirty & saying they can cope with heartburn, I have seen people hospitalised with heartburn cos they actually think they're dying. Don't underestimate how savage it can b) 2 circulation issues, a trapped nerve, even another AI condition starting 2 rear it's head or chip in. Definitely make a note of all the probs & anything u can attribute it too (Menstrual cycle etc even if u have never had any probs b4) & double check with the Doc.

I keep a 'Problem' diary now, 4 when I'm feeling sick, lupus headaches etc so I can try & look back & figure out if there r any patterns or similarities.

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letslaugh63 in reply to Sher78

Ty sher I think maybe I over did it at work now you've mentioned all this as never had a day off between which I normally will make me suffer but usually end of day and maybe/sometimes next morn. I work in a pub so constantly on feet and sometimes split shifts so finish at 3 back at 6 til closing time.worked 1st shift today and not looking forward to going back tonight,feet,legs and arms are giving up on me I think.thing s I have to work or can't pay rent or buy food so I'll just have to grin and bear it x

Sorry forgot to say haven't been diagnosed haven't a clue either as have many different symptoms gp saying autoimmune disease but again too many different symptoms so he can't/won't say x

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Sher78 in reply to letslaugh63

More like WON'T say. Even if he can't tell u which specific AI u have (or which ones if u're lucky 2 have a few lol!), most will specify Connective Tissue Syndrome/Mixed Connective Tissue or the all time fave 'Lupus-like syndrome'.

I say that, but in all fairness, it's an absolute bugger 2 pinpoint which condition/s as they all generally share a lot of symptoms but it's so frustrating 4 those who r suffering, especially when u get a Doc who's really cagey about prescribing anything unless he knows what the problem is.

Bar work can b so exhausting, I used 2 work in a pub & a nightclub when I was younger. Absolutely LOVED it, but long, unsociable hours, rubbish pay & very tiring. My lupus was very well controlled & I was only 18 then so I had it pretty easy when I did it, but it was still knackering.

Just make sure u rest as much as u can & don't push u'reself too hard honey, u'll only regret it when u're suffering the day after x

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