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SOS BRACELET, does anyone know of an INTERNATIONALLY recognised form of this?

I travel on my own and on my bucket list is to drive east to west coast of the USA next year. For safety's sake it would, I feel be advisable to note that I suffer from Lupus plus some of the attached syndromes and the drugs I take. Does anyone know of such a thing? If you fancy sharing the drive for three weeks, let me know!

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Hi KathinAyrshire,

MedicAlert ID jewellery state;

"We support members with a wide range of medical conditions and allergies, which we help them to describe on our custom made medical I.D. jewellery. MedicAlert also keeps secure, detailed medical records for our members which must be kept up-to-date with your current conditions, medications, allergies and wishes. This information can be accessed in an emergency, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world, using our emergency telephone number and we are able to converse in over 100 languages."

You can learn more about them and order them at


Dear Paul,

Many, many thanks for the information, I will contact medic alert immediately.

Again thanks, this will give me a great assurance when travelling. Have a good Christmas and New Year.


No problem. I hope you have a fantastic trip. Merry Christmas :)


Don't know of much other than medic alert but sounds like a fantastic "Thelma & Louse" trip. Hope you have an amazing time! Xxx


Hi Kath, Try website:

USA at least has same language ;-)

Enjoy your trip. I cant go, cant take 3 wks off at one time with work.


I hope you had a wonderful drive two years ago.

For next travels you also could consider an ICECard app on your smartphone (at least if you take your smartphone with you ;-)


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