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News & Views Magazine - Winter 2013 - OUT NOW

News & Views Magazine - Winter 2013 - OUT NOW

Our brilliant helpers were back in the office yesterday and we managed to get all the magazines stuffed into the envelopes in record time! They were posted out yesterday and today, so if you're a member of LUPUS UK, you should receive yours towards the end of this week.

The new issue of News & Views includes;

• 'A study of hand arthritis in SLE from a clinical, imaging and laboratory perspective' by Dr Elizabeth Ball

• Young Investigators Symposium looking at research into lupus in children

• 'Good intentions - learning to set S.M.A.R.T goals' by Elizabeth Hale (Chartered Health Psychologist)

• Patient Voice - Living with lupus

• Stories and photos from lots of our fundraisers

• The latest news from National Office

• Reports from our regional support groups

• Plus loads of other great articles

Another big thank you goes to everyone that contributed their stories and photos for this issue. We always need high quality photos for consideration. If you have some photos that you’d like to possibly see in the next issue then please email them to christine@lupusuk.org.uk

If you have any stories then you can write to ‘Dear News & Views’ (Unfortunately we can’t guarantee they will be published and we aren't in a position to reply to these letters).

If you aren't a member of LUPUS UK and would like to receive News & Views and all our other communications then you can join for just £10 a year.

If you’d like to join online just click here - lupusuk.org.uk/lupus-uk-sho...

For more details on what membership offers, have a read here - lupusuk.org.uk/want-to-know...

6 Replies

Hi Paul. I don't seem to be getting my magazine this year. Who should I contact? Thanks.


Hi Sjink. I'm sorry to hear that. You can contact me if you like :)

Just send me a private message with your name and address and I'll have a look at our database to see if I can work out what's gone wrong. Alternatively you can email paul@lupusuk.org.uk or phone the office on 01708 731251.


Got mine today, thank you


Hi Paul

I am already a member and have received my magazine. I just wanted to ask can i renew my membership online?


esky xx


Hi Esky,

Yes, you can renew online. Just go here - lupusuk.org.uk/lupus-uk-sho...

Complete the order as if you were taking out a new membership and when we see your name come through, we know it will be a renewal :)



Great mag. Thank you


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