I Could Cry but damned if I will

Just writing the title has made me cry. My best friend (we've know each other for forty years) has cancer and is failing. Three years ago when her husband died she was diagnosed with bowel cancer and had to put off her bowel operation for four weeks whilst she buried him. She is on her 14th course of kimo for god's sake, during this time she has been of good spirits, we have travelled to USA on three occasions, I have tried to plan the next holiday in advance to give her something to look forward to and we live at the opposite ends of the country, she in London, me in Scotland. Now she feels so ill she won't even go out and I need to go to see her. Flying is not an option (it's two hours drive to my nearest airport and two hours drive to her from the nearest airport so may as well drive for eight hours anyway). This infernal Lupus has temporarily made the drive, if not impossible, then extremely painful, so after the routine bloodtest next week it's me and the M6. Wish me luck folks, steer clear off the M6 at night, I'll be on it with wings!!

You know the phrase, there's always someone out there worse than you, everytime she sticks 24 pills a day down her throat when on kimo that's what she tells herself! Oh for the strength!!


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10 Replies

  • oh my goodness, what a sad sad story

    there are always people worse off than ourselves thats true but that doesnt and shouldnt take away the struggles that you and we all have on a daily basis

    My thoughts are with you and your friend xx

  • I hope that your friend has remission. Is there any way you can get the train or National Express Coach so that at least you can rest/read instead of concentrating on the long journey. I am wishing you both all best wishes and hope things go well xx

  • I will pray for you both,drive save and give your friend some Butterfly Kisses from all your friends here !!!

    Love & Sunshine

    Jan xx

  • should say SAFE!!! Lupus FOG1

  • yes i pray for you and your friend you have a safe trip down bless you both xxxx

  • So sorry to hear this. Please take care if you drive, I used to love driving but not any more, I get so tired. Take regular breaks, even if you pull over and have a power nap in services (not that I have ever done that before... well not too many times anyway!)

    All the very best to you both xx

  • sorry to hear about your friend, used to drive the m74 & m6 most nights, used to stop at services for power naps check how long you can stop for as they charge you after a certain length of time usually 2-3 hours, take care be safe and give your friend all our best wishes

  • Dear Kath, Just to say I am thinking of you and your friend. Sending lots of love and smiles through the ether. xxx <3 :)

  • My goodness how sad, but how lucky that you have each other. My thoughts are with you and I hope with all my heart that you are both able to be reunited again.

  • Kath, I feel for you. I really do. I also admire what you are doing. I certainly think there is the strength in you to get there safely. I t appears to me that you are special to, I what you are fighting, and achieving at the same time. Drive safe, and don't worry toooo much bout that brake pedal

    I wish your friend a comfortable time, and the strength to enjoy the time with you.

    Andrewx (with cancer patient as a partner)

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